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HowTo: SDL on Android

I’ve been recently wanting to get into mobile development.  How does one do that?  Well, your main options are iOS (iPod, iPhone, or iPad), Windows Phone (7 or 8), BlackBerry (BlackBerry smartphones, PlayBook), and Android (most of the other devices on the market).  I had always leaned toward Android as it’s slightly more open than [...]

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Basic networking with RakNet

In my recently released game, Button Battle, I opted to use RakNet to implement simple networked multiplayer.  I figured I should talk a bit about how that all went, since I would have enjoyed reading such an article myself… and frankly, I’m going to forget this all soon and I will have to read it [...]

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Tutorial: Using TinyXML, Part 1

TinyXML is a great little library (tiny, even) for loading and parsing XML documents.  Here I’m going to introduce the basics of getting all your data out of (and into) XML files.  Part 1 is quick and simple.  In Part … Continue reading Continue reading

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Using Playtomic Analytics In Your Flash Games

Playtomic is a free game analytics service I have been using in my Flash games for almost two years now. It provides a real time tracking platform not only for Flash games, but also for games made with HTML5, iOS, and Unity. Playtomic is a great way to understand how playertesters are playing your games […] Continue reading

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Flash Game Polish Tips: Audio

I spend a lot of time thinking about things that will improve my Flash games. If you use sponsorship or licensing models in the Flash game business you are really marketing to two audiences–your players and your potential sponsors. I want to provide the best experience I can to my players within a reasonable amount of [...] Continue reading

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Breakout Tutorial

I just finished and published the breakout tutorial. It actually went very well. I feel like it turned out to be a nice progression from simple pieces into a full fledged game. I wrote the code and tutorials one step at a time, which made it feel more organic as I went along. It also [...] Continue reading

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Simple AS3 Viewport Tutorial

Simple Flash AS3 Viewport Demo

Click inside and use arrow keys to move viewport
This is a little demo I made this morning as a way to get a viewport concept working for the latest game I am developing.  I’ve done a few viewport type projects in other languages but had not implemented one in Flash AS3 [...] Continue reading

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