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Thoughts on Python 3

It’s awesome.Go get some! Continue reading

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python3.2(svn) python2.7(svn) and the new GIL, cherrypy as a test.

I’ve done some quick benchmarks for the unreleased python3.2 on the unreleased cherrypy webserver for python 3. Also with the unreleased python2.7.Here are the results…python3.1Client Thread Report (1000 requests, 14 byte response body, 10 server th… Continue reading

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Writing for the latest python is FUN.

Writing for the latest python version is just simply… fun. Even the name ‘python 3000′ or py3k is amusing.It’s been a joy over the last week plugging away at a few personal website and game projects using the latest python version. Over the last ye… Continue reading

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pywebsite.sqlitepickle. sqlite VS pickle

The sqlite and pickle modules that come with python are quite useful. So lets mix them together and see what comes out.SQLITE Vs PICKLEpywebsite.sqlitepickle is a little module I just made which combines sqlite and pickle for persistence. Useful sinc… Continue reading

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Where did the ‘new’ module go in python 3?

Anyone know where the ‘new’ module went in python 3?2to3 can’t seem to find ‘new’, and I can’t find anywhere with my favourite search engine either… filed bug at: issue6964.A complete 2to3 tool should know about all modules that are missing at least…. Continue reading

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py3k(python3) more than one year on – 0.96 % packages supporting py3k.

Python3 was released more than a year ago so far, and the release candidates and beta releases much before then.How successful has the transition been to python3 so far?One way to measure that is to look at how many python packages have been ported to … Continue reading

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python3 C API – simple slicing (sq_slice) gone.

Python3.x silently removed simple slicing support from the C API.The problem is, python3 doesn’t give you a warning it won’t be used… it compiles fine… just your slicing tests will fail.Since it’s not documented anywhere, I will briefly mention a s… Continue reading

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