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Speaking at GDC 2012!

Ahoy there! If you’re going to be at GDC, you should check out my talk during the Indie Game Summit on Tuesday afternoon! It’s going to be an exciting “tell-all” of all the never-before revealed secrets of Galcon! Galcon: A Quest for the Perfect Triangle Anyway, GDC is always a blast! I’m also going to [...] Continue reading

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Galcon Fusion – “Pool Party” Steam achievement & indie dev videos

The Steam Summer Camp sale is on and Galcon Fusion has a new achievement to celebrate! “Pool Party” – Win 5 Rounds of Multi-player Billiards! I’ve just tripled the number of Billiards servers to accomodate the mad rush If you haven’t purchased Galcon Fusion on Steam yet, it has SteamPlay (Mac & PC) support and [...] Continue reading

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Galcon Android bugfix update & sale

So I’ve been working on an Android tuneup for Galcon over the past couple days. Here’s what’s been going on: – Some users were having the game hang on them when the phone went to sleep. There were two issues here, one was a deadlock situation because I had onPause “synchronized” and I wasn’t using [...] Continue reading

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Galcon Fusion comes to Mac App Store and Mega-Sale!!

Hey, Galcon Fusion is available now on the Mac App Store at the amazing launch price of 99c – that’s 90% off the regular desktop price! I’m also doing a Mega-Sale across many of the other versions of Galcon! Be part of the “Galcon Community Rejuvenation Project” and help get the word out about this [...] Continue reading

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Porting Galcon Fusion to the Mac App Store

So, I’m whipping through the Mac App Store port of Galcon Fusion today. Most of the documentation on the Apple site is pretty clear, but I’ll document the few stumbles I had in case it helps anyone else. Thankfully a few web searches found the answers to most of my questions pretty quickly. 1. The [...] Continue reading

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Galcon newsletter and SF meetup info

Hey, Thanks for all the responses to my survey a few weeks ago! That is going to be a huge help in figuring out what I’m going to be doing this year. The Galcon update I put out a few weeks ago with retina and multitasking support could use some reviews on the App Store [...] Continue reading

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The Galcon Survey

Take the Galcon Survey, it should only take about 3 minutes and you’ll be helping me decide what will be best for Galcon in 2011!
P.S. I added a few questions since last night, so if you already filled it out, you may want to edit … Continue reading

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Galcon: now with retina display, multi-tasking, and bug fixes.

I’ve updated Galcon, Galcon Labs, and Galcon Lite for the iPhone / iPod touch with retina display support and multi-tasking support. I’ve also updated Galcon Fusion on the iPad with multitasking support. Now you can play more than one game of Galcon at a time! I’ve also updated the desktop version of Galcon Fusion with [...] Continue reading

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Part-time iOS game maintenance job for Galcon

I’m looking for someone who wants to do maintenance on my Galcon games for the iPhone. There are a ton of great features that really need to be added to the game, but I just don’t have time to do them all myself! Galcon has large fanatical on-line multiplayer base who would absolutely love you [...] Continue reading

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Galcon looking for an Android publisher

The Android market is kind of crazy! There are dozens of markets out there, and I’m only tapped into the “Google Android Marketplace”. I’d like to get a publisher or someone who could (for a reasonable cut) get Galcon onto all the other markets, and manage all those opportunities. I get lots [...] Continue reading

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Bockini Tournament Oct. 3 & New game development blog!

Bockini Tournament Oct. 3 This iPhone / Android tournament will be an individual tournament, broken down into two game modes – 2v2 and FFA. We will be organizing groups of 4 for the FFA round, you will play 5 games total. For each win, you receive 3 points to your grand total. The next round [...] Continue reading

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Google AI Challenge featuring Galcon!!

Hey, it’s been a long time in coming, but finally we’re having a battle of programming prowess for Galcon!! Go rev up your coding skills and let’s do this! .. You might be interested to know that I ported the iPhone bot from C code over to python code for the contest. It is currently [...] Continue reading

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Galcon and Cosmic Nitro come to the Palm Phones!

FACT: You either own a Palm Pre / Palm Pre Plus Phone or know someone who does! Let’s do this. Galcon for Palm Cosmic Nitro for Palm *FREE* Here are some sweet games my friends created for the Palm platform – check ‘em out! Smiles by Sykhronics Entertainment Ancient Frog by Ancient Workship Thanks! -Phil [...] Continue reading

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Android Day 11 – Troubleshooting

Hey, so Galcon has been on the market for about a week and some. I’ve gotten plenty of feedback, so it’s time to do a bugfix update to address a few issues.
Item 1 – Backspace doesn’t work with Swype keyboard.
This is because the Swype keyboard is broken. Amusingly enough in earlier betas it [...] Continue reading

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Galcon Labs FREE – This Weekend Only!!

Hey, As part of the “Community Restoration and Rejuvenation Act” I’ve changed the price of Galcon Labs for the iPhone to FREE for the weekend! This is a great opportunity for you to get all your friends in on the Galcon multi-player frenzy! So Go GO GO! Twitter about it! Facebook about it! Email about [...] Continue reading

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Android Day 10: Implementing License Server

So .. License Server came out about a week ago. When I heard about that I was all, “eh, more DRM, why bother, the users won’t see any benefit, so it’s not worth my time.” Turns out I got that wrong! There are actually several concrete benefits to the user by using [...] Continue reading

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Galcon for Android has ARRIVED!

Hey, it’s been a wild ride, but the Android edition of Galcon has ARRIVED! Have some fun! Be sure to tell your Android toting friends that this is the real deal! This now puts Galcon available on about 70 new types of phones! Crazy! -Phil P.S. If the links don’t work, just search for “GALCON” [...] Continue reading

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Android Day 9: Taming the G1

The G1 is the baseline Android phone. I found that users who tested with one of them were getting low framerates and crashes. Since the G1-level-devices are about 20% of the market, I wanted to be able to support them. Here’s the journey I took:
Step 1: Getting and activating a G1
Getting one [...] Continue reading

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Galcon Palm update

Wow, it’s great to see how many people have been enjoying Galcon for the Palm Pre Plus! I have gotten some really great feedback, so I’ve put together an update! All of the in-game issues are related to the integration with the WebOS features, so I’m documenting the bug report and the solution [...] Continue reading

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Galcon for Sixense

I spent the first few days this week integrating Galcon with the Sixense motion controllers! It was a nice break from the work on the Android as I waited for a G1 to get shipped to me (I’m not sure if Galcon will work on the low-end phones yet, but I’m going to find [...] Continue reading

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