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Networking a Room-Based Relational Entity System

I’ve been working on a relational database inspired entity system in my off time for a while, and I’ve been working and reworking the networking for a few months. I wanted to share some thoughts–both to get them out there in the off chance someone has input, and because the true test of understanding something [...]
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Turkey Tomahawk Turbo

I’m pleased to announce Turkey Tomahawk Turbo! I made it for the Charity Game Jam this year! So check it out Windows or Mac or Linux! And now on the Web! Have fun! -Phil Continue reading

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SDL2 Tips, Tricks, and Workarounds

It only took me about 3 days to get my framework working with all my targets: Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android. I took an extra day to write my own simple mixer for WAV and OGG audio. And there might have been another day in there for other cleanup / fixes. So maybe 1 [...] Continue reading

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Getting ENet to work with Marmalade

Through a bit of Googling and whatnot, I got in touch with Joe Delgado who was able to provide a patch to fix ENet to work with Marmalade. These are modifications to unix.c. When I am making a Marmalade build of my games, I always have PLATFORM_MARMALADE defined. So you can replace that with whatever [...] Continue reading

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Minerbot 2: Another new direction, potential new name

I’ve been busy with school, jobs, other projects for a while now. I’ll continue to be busy, too, but I thought I’d take a little time to outline where I hope to take Minerbot 2. First of all, the game’s undergoing another remake, this time in Haxe. This way, there’s a good chance of an [...]
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Simple Object Orientation in Lua

Lua is not object oriented… But some people like it, and it has some advantages…
I decided to use a simple form of it on my project, it does not support multiple inheritance and many other features, it was made to be very, very simple, only… Continue reading

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Dynamite Jack: Component Object model

I’m gonna dig into some of the tech behind Dynamite Jack, so hold onto your seats. So, a lot of devs are into Component Object game design. That article is by a friend of mine who goes into a good overview of a lot about the model. Anyway, you could probably spend all day reading [...] Continue reading

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Big Announcements!

I should apologize for the relative lack of updates this past March. I’ve been really busy looking after not one, but two big projects, each of which should be appearing in full in the coming months. I’m already certain you want to hear about them, and because you asked so nicely, I’ll tell you. Musagi: Conflict [...] Continue reading

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7DRL – Not finished, but not abandoned.

I wasn’t able to finished the 7DRL challenge on time, but I’ve been really pleased with how my game is looking and feeling. I’ve decided to keep working on it. I feel as though many of the major problems with the project are behind me, and I can now push forward with getting the guts [...] Continue reading

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How to create and play IVF / VP8 / WebM / libvpx video in OpenGL

Disclaimer: this tutorial covers how to render IVF / VP8 / libvpx video in an OpenGL libSDL / SDL window. IVF video only includes video, not audio. For game developers, it’s trivial to play audio via their own audio system. So you’ll have two files per movie “movie.ivf” and “movie.ogg” or whatever. As an exercise [...] Continue reading

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play ‘Nyan Nyan Stack’

Over the weekend I worked on a game for Ludumdare 22 on the theme of ‘Alone’.  The original upload had some critical bugs, but I’ve fixed that now and made it available on Mac and browser too. Play it here, or download it from the L… Continue reading

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Ludumdare 22: ‘Alone’

I just finished day one of Ludumdare, on the theme of ‘Alone’. I decided to go for something modest, and so far I’m pleased with how it’s coming together. I’ll have to see which mechanics I can nail down early tomorrow, and fix a few bugs, so I’ve got some time for level design and [...] Continue reading

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Going dark

Busy rigging up characters for Bugle. The characters are 3D models rendered with a fake 2D style. Decided to change my approach to Bugle entirely, and I’ve basically ‘gone dark’ on updates. Based upon feedback, I’ve cancelled the original development diary, but instead I’ll do some regular in-progress gameplay videos and images. I won’t do [...] Continue reading

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Friday latte & progress

Sorry for the lack of updates on this project! I’ve had a slew of tech problems recently, from software to hardware and it’s generally been slowing me down. I recorded a video blog, but it came out blurry, so I’ll have to try again soon! I got the iPhone 4S last week! I really love [...] Continue reading

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Saturday puzzle fun

I thought of an idea for a puzzle game this morning, and I was able to do an implementation. I’m trying to decide how to design levels, as doing it manually is prone to errors, but automated systems are a bit out of my comfort zone.
It’s Saturday, so I’m mostly taking it easy and [...] Continue reading

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Tough decisions, interesting beginnings

So, if you’ve been following this blog for a while (like a year) you might recall last year’s “October Challenge” game called “Stealth Target” that I attempted to release as a paid beta game, which I then issued refunds for and then made a few vague efforts to revive and .. well .. I mean, [...] Continue reading

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I spent much of this weekend playing around with Vectors. I had a lot of fun, and I’d like to bring this together.
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A message

I’ll be sharing a journey with everyone soon!
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From 0 to iCade in 3 hours 16 minutes

Hey, 1. The Arrival and Assembly (30 min) So my iCade arrived at 2:58pm today. It took me 30 minutes to unbox the parts and put the whole thing together with a hex-screwdriver. The completed item looks 110% win!!! There are tons of detailed unboxing guides on the internet, so I’ll just give you a [...] Continue reading

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Sharing is caring, and scaring.

Today I shared some source code for the first time.
It’s very simple, and many  people I know could write something better in a few minutes, but I know that it’s something I would have found useful in the past. I remember chatting with Eskil Steenberg about the reasons to release code, and my come away [...] Continue reading

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