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Sticking with Blackwell

Today, and for the first time, I played Dave Gilbert’s The Blackwell Legacy. There are many games that I wish I liked, and I wish I played. The Blackwell games fit into this mould very well. I fell out of love with point-and-click adventure games a long time ago due to the gameplay contrivences. Meanwhile, [...] Continue reading

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Look what arrived in my life today! I already have a 3DS, so I’ll be transferring my save files and data over. I’ve been on a bit of a break from game development recently, but I just started getting back into it. Juggling a few projects and trying to decide which one to focus on [...] Continue reading

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7DRL – Not finished, but not abandoned.

I wasn’t able to finished the 7DRL challenge on time, but I’ve been really pleased with how my game is looking and feeling. I’ve decided to keep working on it. I feel as though many of the major problems with the project are behind me, and I can now push forward with getting the guts [...] Continue reading

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’7DRL’ – Seven Day Roguelike challenge

I’m participating in the ’7DRL 2012′ challenge, with my first attempt at a roguelike game. I’ve wanted to try to make a game like this for a while, so the week long challenge is perfect for me to get my feet wet. I had a bit of a slow start, but I now have some [...] Continue reading

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Chatchat – a collab with Terry Cavanagh

Terry Cavanagh and I worked together on a multiplayer online game called ‘Chatchat’ (I did the art). I really like how it came together, he did amazing work getting the online working seamlessly, and there are a lot of fun secrets. Honestly, I’ve had more fun playing online with this game than most online games. [...] Continue reading

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play ‘Nyan Nyan Stack’

Over the weekend I worked on a game for Ludumdare 22 on the theme of ‘Alone’.  The original upload had some critical bugs, but I’ve fixed that now and made it available on Mac and browser too. Play it here, or download it from the L… Continue reading

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Ludumdare 22: ‘Alone’

I just finished day one of Ludumdare, on the theme of ‘Alone’. I decided to go for something modest, and so far I’m pleased with how it’s coming together. I’ll have to see which mechanics I can nail down early tomorrow, and fix a few bugs, so I’ve got some time for level design and [...] Continue reading

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Pirouette; a new game by Stephen Lavelle and myself.

A new collaborative game by Stephen Lavelle and myself. Play free on iPad: or on the web (flash): Apple rejected this game at first, and demanded we reclassified it as a book. I find it flattering that Apple’s censors bothered to play it, I hope they enjoyed it! I’d love to hear what [...] Continue reading

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My Dizzy Fandom

Codemasters have announced a new Dizzy game. I’m doubtful of how it will turn out, but it’s as good an excuse as any to talk about my love for the Dizzy series. It was never more nerdy than, in 1992, my eleven year old self had a comic published in Your Sinclair. It’s a bad [...] Continue reading

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Going dark

Busy rigging up characters for Bugle. The characters are 3D models rendered with a fake 2D style. Decided to change my approach to Bugle entirely, and I’ve basically ‘gone dark’ on updates. Based upon feedback, I’ve cancelled the original development diary, but instead I’ll do some regular in-progress gameplay videos and images. I won’t do [...] Continue reading

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Friday latte & progress

Sorry for the lack of updates on this project! I’ve had a slew of tech problems recently, from software to hardware and it’s generally been slowing me down. I recorded a video blog, but it came out blurry, so I’ll have to try again soon! I got the iPhone 4S last week! I really love [...] Continue reading

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Thank-you Steve Jobs

Growing up, I always had mac-lust.
I always saw them as unattainable. Desirable, yet impractical. In 2000 I was in a position to need a laptop for my new job, so I chose the Apple iBook, the manly graphite coloured one which had just been released. For a year or two I was [...] Continue reading

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Hopping puzzle demo
I made a quick single level demo of this puzzle game. Give it a go and let me know what you think!
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Saturday puzzle fun

I thought of an idea for a puzzle game this morning, and I was able to do an implementation. I’m trying to decide how to design levels, as doing it manually is prone to errors, but automated systems are a bit out of my comfort zone.
It’s Saturday, so I’m mostly taking it easy and [...] Continue reading

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Project Bugle – Video Diary #1

I’ve decided to keep a video-diary of my new project! It’s my first time doing a video like this, but hopefully these will improve with time. Let me know if there’s anything about the game, or game development in general, that you&#… Continue reading

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I spent much of this weekend playing around with Vectors. I had a lot of fun, and I’d like to bring this together.
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A message

I’ll be sharing a journey with everyone soon!
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Getting away from the desk

It helps to get away from the desk sometimes. There’s a decent amount of design and planning that can be done without a computer within reach, and if the sun is shining it doesn’t hurt to get some fresh air.
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Sharing is caring, and scaring.

Today I shared some source code for the first time.
It’s very simple, and many  people I know could write something better in a few minutes, but I know that it’s something I would have found useful in the past. I remember chatting with Eskil Steenberg about the reasons to release code, and my come away [...] Continue reading

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Tigjam UK 5! July 15-17

We have another Tigjam UK! It’s at CB2 Bistro as ever, and it starts today! Are you coming along?
I’m away in Portsmouth today, but I’ll be there tomorrow. See you there!
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