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Ludum Dare 29 – In the Black – Post Mortem

Background I had the distinct joy of participating in Ludum Dare 29 this past weekend! It was my 6th year doing so and I had a really great experience. The theme was Beneath the Surface and I made a game called In the Black–which ended up being very different from the kind of games I’ve made […] Continue reading

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Steam Dev Days 2014

Since I had the pleasure and good fortune of attending the first Steam Dev Days conference out in Seattle a few weeks ago, I thought I’d do a little write-up about the event. Joining me will be a little dinosaur friend of mine who has shown up at my studio recently. First Impressions As the […] Continue reading

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Squeezed Out! – New Android Game Released

I’m happy to announce that I have a new game out on the Android Google Play store! It’s called Squeezed Out! and you can play it for free on your Android phone or tablet. Here’s a super quick gameplay trailer: Squeezed Out! is a fast paced skill game that gets very challenging quickly! The goal is to […] Continue reading

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Indie Boat 2013

When I heard word that Phil Hassey (the creator of Galcon) was planning a crazy houseboat trip to a giant lake in the middle of the desert for indie game developers, it didn’t take me too long to decide that I wanted to be a part of it! Like a lot of indies I’ve talked to […] Continue reading

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My Year in Review for 2012

Time Flies: It’s time for my year end summary! Yeah, I know we’re half way through February but what can I say? I guess I haven’t been doing a great job at keeping folks up to date on what I’ve been working on. I am aiming to get back on the blogging horse (is that […] Continue reading

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Korrode – New Flash Game Released

Time to get your rust on! You are rust racing to corrode all the bolts in the fastest time possible. Watch other players’ replays and compete for the fastest time! You can play Korrode here. Korrode is the largest game that I’ve released yet! There are 32 levels in total and quite a few months […] Continue reading

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Bomb Diver – New Flash Game Released

Got a new game launching today! This one is called Bomb Diver and it’s a fun little NES-inspired retro game that combines aspects of Missile Command with the avoider, collector, and chain reaction genres. One of the aspects that I think is fun about this game is it is broken into three different fast-paced stages: […] Continue reading

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Oops!..I Got Married Again – New Flash Game

Oops!..I Got Married Again Aw, Britney – ready for love again! And only two minutes to make it to the altar! But what is all this…baggage? Cheetos, ex boyfriends, and delicious snacks! Fortunately, there are a few powerups to make this wedding happen. All the cheezy puffs in the world can not stand in the […] Continue reading

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Morbid Holiday Side Project

This blog has been a bit quiet lately so I figure I might as well post one of the side projects that I’ve been working on all this time.  Morbid Holiday is a creative outlet for my illustration-based comics and off-center sense of humor. The seeds of this project began from starting my daily drawing routine […] Continue reading

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Daily Drawing Week 2

Here is the collection of daily drawings I did this past week. As I mentioned in the previous post my goal this week was to try out a creativity exercise I had read about that sounded like an interesting challenge. The basic idea was to draw five random starting lines and then see how many […] Continue reading

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Daily Drawing Week 1

This past week I spent about an hour each morning doing a different drawing. I had read a tutorial by Marcus Hadlock that provided some good tips on how to draw in Flash and was further inspired by encountering his Daily Doodle project where he made a different drawing each day for a year. I thought […] Continue reading

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Korrode – New Game Preview

Korrode is a brand new game that I have just finished. You get to play the part of entropy as a racing rust spot zipping around corroding metal bolts. It’s a level based racer that combines aspects of puzzle and time trial agility games. My initial seed of an idea for the game was about crossing […] Continue reading

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GameLoop 2011

I had the good fortune to be able to attend GameLoop in Boston again this year. It was held at the Microsoft NERD Center in Cambridge, MA and about 150 folks attended. This was GameLoop’s fourth year and it continues to draw a great group of participants interested in all aspects of game development–both digital and […] Continue reading

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Using Playtomic Analytics In Your Flash Games

Playtomic is a free game analytics service I have been using in my Flash games for almost two years now. It provides a real time tracking platform not only for Flash games, but also for games made with HTML5, iOS, and Unity. Playtomic is a great way to understand how playertesters are playing your games […] Continue reading

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Flash Game Polish Tips: Audio

I spend a lot of time thinking about things that will improve my Flash games. If you use sponsorship or licensing models in the Flash game business you are really marketing to two audiences–your players and your potential sponsors. I want to provide the best experience I can to my players within a reasonable amount of [...] Continue reading

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Three Months of BlackBerry PlayBook Game Download Stats

I’ve had six free PlayBook games available on the BlackBerry AppWorld store for three months now. I thought it might be useful to share my download and play statistics for other developers who are considering the platform. These games have been available as free downloads since the store launched with the release of the new [...] Continue reading

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Turd de France – New Flash Game Released

Game Description: Angry birds? Try angry pigeon! You play a French pigeon that has had it with all the crowds and traffic generated by le Tour de France. You set out to disrupt the last two minutes of the bicycle race the only way you know how–by pooping all over the place! Cause massive pileups [...] Continue reading

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New Game Progress

I’ve been cranking along on one of my biggest games and I recently finished a complete graphics overhaul!  The game had lasted a long time in the prototype art stage and it is really fun to have it finally in a highly polished state. This game is my most ambitious so far containing 40 levels [...] Continue reading

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Royal Wedding Run – New Flash Game Released

Game Description: Good Prince William is to wed the darling Kate this very day. But he is on the other side of town! This simply will not do. Run to meet your bride, ducking old girlfriends and paparazzi on the way. Be sure to grab your princely powerups. Release the Hounds! Additional Screenshots: Here William [...] Continue reading

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Have Banjo Will Travel

I recently got my banjo repaired and have been playing it again.  I had taken a break of about 8 months from playing it though and it is interesting how much music has sort of queued up in me that is now trying to escape.  I’m back to playing with a bunch of regular folks [...] Continue reading

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