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Flashdevelop Solarized Dark UI color scheme

I noticed that FlashDevelop now supports custom UI themes (it used to only support syntax color schemes I think…). I began looking for a nice dark theme but didn’t find one, so I decided to make one. It doesn’t seem possible to customize all the colors, for example the gray borders and the scrollbars, but [...]
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New Pyxel Edit released

There is now a beta available of the new Pyxel Edit I have been working on this summer. It is very much updated from the last version, has a completely new GUI, animation support, animated GIF export etc. The original was free, but to support development (I worked on it nearly full time this summer) [...]
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Locking a bitmap in Flash can give worse performance

Short story: In flash, bitmapData.lock() makes drawing faster by only updating the bitmap on screen when calling bitmapData.unlock() after done drawing, but once the bitmap is unlocked the whole bitmap is redrawn, instead of just the changed parts. If you only change small parts of a bitmap displayed on screen, and you do it often, [...]
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How to get advanced telemetry profiling with Adobe Scout and FlashDevelop

This took me a while to figure out, in the end it was quite simple so I’m posting this to remind myself and possibly help someone else. The “advanced telemetry” option in FlashDevelop doesn’t seem to do anything (as of FD 4.4.2). So you need to run a Python script on the compiled SWF. This [...]
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Moving target intercept in 3D

In an old post I explained how to shoot an object to hit a moving target in 2D. The method in 3D is basically the same, but the code below is much cleaner and might be simpler to understand even for the 2D case. Unity3D example and source code Unity webplayer example Unity project The [...]
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Copy Cars

Copy Cars is a school project me and a classmate made as a final project in tangible interaction. Here’s a video: Continue reading

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Caps Lock key remapping script with regular cursor layout

I recently posted a Autohotkey script that let you use Caps Lock as a modifier key move the cursor and much more without moving your hands from the home row. Here is an alternative script with a different key layout: The cursor key layout should be more familiar than the Vim-style layout to most people, and much easier [...]
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Making the Caps Lock key (very) useful on Windows

The Caps Lock key is mostly just an annoyance. But there are ways to make it more useful. I recently found a very nice script by Gustavo Duarte called How Row Computing which maps Caps Lock as a modifier key that lets you navigate in text Vim-style using H, J, K and L. This is very handy [...]
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Sublime Text 2 context menu in Windows

I recently started using the excellent Sublime Text 2, and it’s awesome. It annoyed me though that you couldn’t open files with it directly from the right click context menu in Windows like you can with Notepad++, so I made a registry file that accomplishes that. IMPORTANT 1: The file makes changes in the registry, use [...]
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New Pyxel Edit website

Yesterday I made a new logotype and a proper site for Pyxel Edit to replace the temporary one. I’m happy with how it turned out, especially since I haven’t done any web design in over a year. Continue reading

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Pyxel Edit public beta

Pyxel Edit is now in public beta and you can get it at Pyxel Edit is a drawing application aimed at making pixel art. It has features to make it faster and easier to make low resolution art like tile sets for games. It’s made using Adobe Air, runs on Windows and Mac, and is [...]
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Another Ludum Dare is over, number 23 to be precise, and my game is submitted. It’s called “Aether” and is a mix of an explorer platformer and missile command, where you have to run through a landscape to reach a mountain with a secret weapon, while at the same time fighting off alien spacecraft. You [...] Continue reading

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PyxelEdit LD version

Next weekend Ludum Dare happens for the 23rd time, and it will be the ten year anniversary of the competition! As you might know, I released an early version of the pixel editor, now called PyxelEdit, for the Ludum Dare community. Even though it is far from complete, I wanted to share what I had [...]
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Unnamed pixel editor

This week I have had a lot of free time, so I started working on a new project. It’s a pixel editor inspired by Pro Motion and Pixothello with some special features to make the process of making pixel art more streamlined and fun. Some of the features can be seen in the screenshot below. The [...]
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Spot The Odd One running on Blackberry Playbook

I made a game called Spot The Odd One, to take part in Blackberrys free Playbook offer. I just want to share this image of the game running on the actual device. It’s really exciting, as I made it using the simulator. It runs pretty much the same, just much smoother. I have realised some of [...] Continue reading

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Simple profanity filter in AS3

I needed a profanity filter for the highscores in an app I made, but I couldn’t find anything free that worked the way I wanted, so I made a simple one myself. It’s pretty basic but someone might have use for it. You need a list of lowercase words to filter for. The one I [...]
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LD nano – 48 minute RTS

Sos at Ludum Dare arranged nanoLD – make a game in 48 minutes. I got the theme RTS and made this. (the theme was random each time you loaded the page but I didn’t realise that until afterwards) I spent an extra couple of minutes fixing a few bugs afterwards, so maybe 55 minutes in total. [...] Continue reading

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GGJ12 – Planet of Yrwys

This weekend me and about 10000 others around the world participated in the annual Global Game Jam, the largest game jam in the world. The theme was this: Me and my team made a game called Planet of Yrwys (You Reap What You Sow) featuring a hungry harvesting robot: The game is about a robot, endlessly [...] Continue reading

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LD48 Ravenwood

I entered the Ludum Dare game making competition this weekend as usual. The theme was “Alone”. I didn’t have any immediate ideas, so I began by making the basis for a platformer with the theme in mind. Then it sort of evolved as I came up with things I thought would be cool to add. PLAY [...] Continue reading

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Coin Runner post-LD screenshot

I’m have been working on Coin Runner since Ludum Dare 21. Here is a screenshot of how it looks at the moment, although a lot of it is still placeholder art. As you can see, there are now achievements. It plays a lot better than the compo version! There’s also lot’s of new items and skills [...] Continue reading

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