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    Jump : 48 Hour Game Made In Unity

    Posted by (twitter: @woznzaik)
    Monday, July 14th, 2014 2:50 pm

    I made this game in less than 48 hours, Please test it out and tell me what you think, it helps alot this game is an early access, alot more will be added, if you have any suggestions please tell me ! Play   HERE Pictures Thank you all and please enjoy !

    Tiny Haunt submitted to IndieCade 2014

    Posted by (twitter: @rojomojogogo)
    Monday, June 16th, 2014 3:19 am

    Well, after some tuning and graphics updates, I decided to submit Tiny Haunt, my LD29 entry, to IndieCade.  While the LD feedback was vastly positive, there was one common complaint: the game wasn’t hard enough.  I intended the game to be fairly sandboxy, and to that end, fairly easy if you choose.  However, I ran out of time to implement the mechanics that made it more than that.  In the IndieCade build each of the four levels has its own optional challenge, which might be defeating enemies within a certain amount of time, or using only one ability.  I’m happy with the progress I’ve made so far, but there is still so much to do!  A big part of the future experience will be enhanced interactions with enemies and more objects put at your disposal.  On top of that I have plans to add an exploration element that allows you to uncover the long lost secrets of your castle.  Exciting times ahead!

    Here’s a preview of the IndieCade build.  If you’re interested in the game, don’t hesitate to follow me on Twitter (@rojomojogogo), or add Tiny Haunt to your watch list on IndieDB.

    Heaving of the Depths – postmortem, timelapse and stuff

    Posted by
    Thursday, May 15th, 2014 12:31 pm


    This LD I had the strange idea of making a j-RPG.
    Thus Heaving of the Depths was born. You can play it here



    1. It’s pretty! I wanted a very beautiful game and I think that went well. There’s a ton of art in this thing. As usual, I create new assets as needed. I ended up with two large photoshop files: an overworld sea where you navigate the ocean in your pirate ship, and a battle screen, where I made all battle sprites and animations. What this lets me do is keep a consistent color palette and style across the whole project, and essentially replaces the concept art stage that a normal game goes through. I used amazing references like Legend of Zelda Windwaker and Breath of Fire IV.

    big map

    Overworld assets

    2. I learnt tons of stuff! I used cinema4D and my nonexistent 3D skills to make a fast and loose 8-direction ship with minimal effort. I tried my hand at procedural generation: all islands are generated randomly within certain limitations, to keep the level solvable and the sea traversable. I had a stroke of genius at the last moment and created a “miner” entity that swims through the level and places gold coins wherever it goes, at runtime. This was to ensure an interesting curving path through the level, so players would want to explore it.

    3. It’s a complete adventure, my storytelling skills were also, I thought, nonexistent, but the story of Sunny and Cod just flowed through me like I was on fire. It’s got a beginning, middle and end, it’s got obstacles and emotions. I usually end up making a very unfulfilling game. This time I feel I made a difference.

    4. it has a branching storyline. Well, ok, a few tiny branches. Such as when you are defeated by the 3 blacktopuses you get a different message to the one you get if you clear them. Or when Sunny tells you you need the fast sail if you don’t have it, but acknowledges if you’ve already bought it. But that’s still a lot of work. I have a much better grasp of how to implement a dialogue system.

    5. it has a turn-based battle system: implemented from scratch. Boring and barebones, yes. But it gets the job done.

    6. I get to develop it further. I’m dedicating the next 6 months to this game. I started a new devlog here


    1. No sound  I didn’t have the time

    2. Button-mashing battles the battle system is uninteresting. That’s ok, and it’s all I had time for, but if I’m going to make this a full-fledged RPG, I need a good battle system. Feel free to send me ideas. Grandia and Child of Light are obviously lovely choices, where the result of a battle can be spectacularly overturned. Also Persona 3 and Fallout 2 have good battle systems. Since you’re spending half the game in battle, I owe it to myself to fix the button-mashing boringness.

    3. Time management. Well I don’t know, I did a lot for three days. But it’s not as fun as a more complete experience such as the amazing SCUBA BEAR (go check it out NOW). On the other hand, I like to follow through with my ideas for Ludum Dare, instead of making a smaller game just because of time constraints.
    Here’s my Timelapse video:

    And thanks to everyone who commented, everyone who played my game, everyone who made a game for us to play. I love Ludum Dare, I want to never stop making games.

    Until next time,



    Super Drill Defense+ Art Timelapse

    Posted by
    Sunday, May 4th, 2014 4:59 pm

    My timelapse finally finished uploading so here it is. (Jello will probably hate me though because it includes a look at the ending)


    Shovel Quest: Gameplay Video

    Posted by (twitter: @nanolotl)
    Saturday, May 3rd, 2014 7:18 am

    Jacob Rathjen over on YouTube has made a gameplay video of my Ludum Dare 29 entry Shovel Quest.

    My game can be found here

    Tiny Haunt Gameplay

    Posted by (twitter: @rojomojogogo)
    Wednesday, April 30th, 2014 6:18 pm

    I created a brief gameplay video of one of the levels in my LD29 entry Tiny Haunt.  Take a peek below.  Or better yet, play it now!

    Another video — Coffin thing…idk…

    Posted by
    Saturday, April 26th, 2014 11:57 pm

    Here’s another video of my game.  I wasted a large chunk of time today trying to make it some sort of puzzle game like The Room on iOS, but I don’t even like that game or that genre.  I wanted something speedier and faster so I turned it into a first-person no-rail, rail shooter (what?).  I have a lot to do tomorrow; I probably (yea, that probably should be an is but trying to stay POSITIVE) won’t even finish all of it, but if I can get the atmosphere that I was going for down, then I’ll be more than happy!

    Ludum Dare GOGOGO

    Posted by (twitter: @BateriadeJogos)
    Friday, April 25th, 2014 12:48 pm

    (EN)This video is an invitation Battery Game community and support for the Ludum Dare 29!
    We demonstrate our games ended in events GAME JAM and explain to beginners how to enter the competition!
    All are welcome, just ask for an invite: Click here.

    (PT-BR)Este vídeo é um convite da comunidade Bateria de Jogos e um apoio ao Ludum dare 29!
    Demonstramos nossos jogos em eventos de JAM e explicamos aos novatos como participar da competição!
    Todos são bem vindos, basta pedir um convite: Clique aqui.

    Youtube Video

    “Darkest Friday” Artist’s Timelapse!

    Posted by (twitter: @cakencode)
    Monday, January 6th, 2014 11:35 am

    Wayyy overdue, but we’ve both been super busy over the holidays and with work, so we haven’t been able to make any updates since then. But before the clock ticks down and LD is over, come on over and rate our game, “Darkest Friday“! :) It’s a snarky typing game Zeik and I made for this LD. I also have a timelapse you guys might enjoy? :P

    Check out our game here!

    youGOO! enhancements

    Posted by
    Thursday, December 26th, 2013 12:30 pm


    Greetings Daredevils!

    I’ve updated my Jam entry – youGOO!

    Its a webcam game to test your fist reflexes.

    Now with:

    - Better fist detection

    - Improved edge collision (number used to go off-screen)

    - High Score (displays your maximum score for current session)

    - Sound FX!

    - Faster gameplay

    Check it out at


    Please do leave suggestions/ideas/death threats in the comments.




    Has anybody had success with looping music in HTML5 or JS? Please let me know…

    Really want to put in a looping theme, but it stalls after the first playback…


    Walkthrough LD48: “Stingtime for Hitler” – YouTube

    Posted by
    Wednesday, December 18th, 2013 9:53 am

    Walkthrough LD48: “Stingtime for Hitler” – YouTube.



    Jam Entry: http://www.ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-28/?action=preview&uid=784

    This jam entry was probably the most complete project we made so far. We had a lot of fun coding this short puzzler over the weekend. If anyone is having trouble solving the levels – we have uploaded a quick walkthrough above. Note that there are multiple solutions to some of the levels.


    youGOO! Gameplay

    Posted by
    Tuesday, December 17th, 2013 1:44 pm

    ‘sup guys!

    Here’s a gameplay GIF from my jam entry…


    Obviously, i’m terrible at my own game :-)

    See how much you can score at


    Tumbling Towers: Milestone Build – Feature Complete(?)!

    Posted by (twitter: @angryfacing)
    Saturday, December 14th, 2013 5:51 pm

    It hit my milestone for the entire jam, which was to get the core mechanics of my game working. I’d say at this point what I wanted from the game is 100% done. I’m taking a well deserved break before getting back at it later tonight.

    What is the game you might ask? 

    Tumbling towers is a game where you only have one direction to build, up. You also can only choose one material to build with: Wood, Ice, or Stone.

    Each material has their own attributes (weight, friction, and more). The goal is to build the tallest tower you can!

    Right now you can find links to play the web version of the game on the game’s page on the site here: http://www.ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-28/?action=preview&uid=22629.

    (Also, an improperly scaled Android version is posted as I work on making it look nice.)

    What’s left? Well, I want to make the UI more usable. MUCH more usable. Also, a friend of mine should be helping me out tonight when it comes to art, so it might become a Ludum Jam entry instead.

    Oh. When I’m back at it, my stream will be live on Twitch.TV too. Feel free to check it out (hit follow now so you get notified when I go live again), head to Twitch.TV/AngryFacing. Until I’m live again, check out this recorded YouTube video of me talking about the game’s progress. :)

    Finally, development updates of this and my 1GAM project will be on my Twitter at @AngryFacing. Feel free to follow! :)

    Have some Video Reviews

    Posted by (twitter: @caranha)
    Sunday, September 1st, 2013 6:22 am

    So, this Ludum Dare, I have decided to do most of my reviews as Video Revews. It is a slow-going process, but I’ve managed to make 26 videos so far. Here are some of my favorites (click on the name to play the game):

    Ecostar vs Aeronox – Awesome ‘schmup, with a changing seasons mechanic:

    Lost in the Darkness – A 2D “maze” game, where the maze boundaries change every 10s:

    – A very unique “survive the boss” game. Great difficulty.

    Entropy – 2D platformer with great production value.

    Forward Motion – A very charming 2D puzzle platformer.

    If you want to see more videos, please check my entire playlist! It was very fun to make those videos, and I’ve learned quite a few things in the process. Pointers and suggestions are welcome.

    If you want me to make a video of your game, I’d be happy to. Please leave a message at my game’s page for that ;-)

    All posts, images, and comments are owned by their creators.

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