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    Postmortem – Before Night Falls

    Posted by
    Tuesday, December 17th, 2013 12:12 am

    I figured I’d do a brief blog post about my first experience with Ludum Dare. I didn’t do any posts during, as I was focused on the game and didn’t know how much time I’d need. You can find my game post here.

    This document is formatted by putting the general more easily accessible things first, and then moving onto items that you may or may not care about. I’ll start off by explaining my game a little bit, then I’ll talk about my experiences, and then finally with the development, starting with general game development ideas and then with the more technical aspects that I thought were interesting.

    Warning, this document is largely unedited. I am also not generally a game developer, so I may find simple things about the process interesting.

    The Game

    Before Night Falls Is a game built off of an idea best represented by Corridor Digital in this video:

    Although I may of been inspired, at a later point by this video, the genesis of my idea came about from thinking about the fugue form.

    Each level is supposedly a day (you can think of it as any unit of time though), you are limited to a certain amount of moves to complete a puzzle in a given timespan. In this game I made each turn take one hour of in-game time. The twist, is that you have several “lives” that you can live out. At the end of each day, it resets and you get to start anew. However, this time your past self (called an Echo) does the same thing, and you can do new things. Technically, you can have an infinite amount of Echoes, but to keep the game interesting and difficult, each level limits the maximum amount of lives.

    If you haven’t tried out, I’d suggest it. The reviews seem to indicate that people enjoyed the main puzzle mechanic.


    They only get one

    Posted by
    Sunday, December 15th, 2013 3:09 am

    After a few hours working on our game, we got a psychopath killing punks in a library. Why ? We don’t know yet.


    Punks everywhere!


    Making an attempt to be in.

    Posted by
    Saturday, December 14th, 2013 10:23 am

    Coming out of a really rough work week, I managed to sleep for about ten hours and I still feel horrid… but I’m gonna try to create something this weekend!  Still just starting out with the idea phase, but I’ll probably work on a rogue-like using Python/Pygame.  Great success for all!

    Any pyglet developper ?

    Posted by
    Tuesday, August 27th, 2013 11:42 am

    Our entry for the jam is done but only 2 people seem to have played it… probably because there is no windows executable. Python and pyglet are really awesome tools and are cross-platforms, but most players don’t want to download additional libs just to play a game.

    Unfortunately, I’m only using Linux… So I am asking the awesome LD community: is there someone who could turn our game into an executable ? That would be really great.

    Edit: thanks to shinD, windows users can now play the game!

    Breakdown Countdown – LD#27 – Complete and Submitted!

    Posted by
    Sunday, August 25th, 2013 6:35 pm

    And that’s a wrap!  Congrats everybody who participated!

    I’m SUPER-DUPER excited because this is my first ever TOTALLY complete LD entry ever!  I managed to implement, I believe 100% of the features I planned!  I improved the art and sound a bit at the last second, all my controls work, and I’m not aware of any bugs! (I’m sure someone’ll find something…)  Even if I get the lowest rating in the history of LD, I’ll consider this to be a huge success!

    I’ve got my code up, but haven’t squished it down into an executable for y’all yet.  I’ll try to do that tomorrow!

    I look forward to playing and rating tons of games in the coming weeks, especially since many of them will be short enough for me to test them in slow moments at work.

    …Speaking of which, it’s time for me to get some sleep.

    Oh right, have a link to my entry!


    Reload – End of day 2

    Posted by
    Sunday, August 25th, 2013 5:09 pm

    Day 2 has not been very productive… I implemented bashing and acid lakes, but there are still some bugs to fix.

    Reload screenshot

    We only have 7 levels right now

    Anyway, here is a demo! The game requires pyglet and python, but they can easily be installed (I’ll make a windows and mac version later). We also found a name for our game: Reload.

    Hope that you enjoy it as much as we do.

    I’m “DONE”!

    Posted by
    Sunday, August 25th, 2013 3:51 pm

    My game is fully playable and, so far as I can see right now, bug free!  As you can see in this screenshot, though, I need to put the scoring into the game itself – right now it just shows up in the console.  Also still like to redo my temp art… there might be time for it.  Also more sounds?  That’s low priority.  Probably won’t happen.

    Breakdown Countdown Screenshot4

    Breakdown Countdown update with 2nd screenshot

    Posted by
    Sunday, August 25th, 2013 7:43 am

    So I ended up going to sleep at 4-ish last night and not getting back to work until 9-ish.  Just over 10 hours remaining now, and there’s a lot of code left to write. On the down side,  the way I code takes a while to get to a point where it’s possible to really test or see much of anything.  On the up side, once I get to that point, things can come together really quickly!  Hooray robustness!

    In the past half-hour or so I’ve finally hit that point!  My parts draw on the screen, and I’ve got about half of the user input handled.  Now all that’s left to implement is the actual game rules for how to attach rocket parts, and then to figure out how to score the game.  I’ll also need some way to display the final score, which will be a burden since I haven’t prepared anything for that.  That comes last though.  Play first, scoreboard last.

    Here’s a screenshot of my game with the timer going and my lovely programmer art properly rendering to the screen.  What you can’t tell from this is that I’ve also added a few basic sound effects!  Yay for that!

    Breakdown Countdown Screenshot2

    Programmer Art is BEST ART!

    Posted by
    Saturday, August 24th, 2013 10:11 pm

    Since I’ve decided to try to stay awake and busy tonight, it’s time for me to check in with another update!

    I spent far too long fiddling with my countdown clock – but now I’ve finally moved on and drawn up my lovely test pieces.  Behold!

    Parts - Breakdown Countdown

    Breakdown Countdown, First screenshot ready!

    Posted by
    Saturday, August 24th, 2013 6:05 pm




    We’re now half way through the 48 hours, so I thought I’d best share my first screenshot!  Let’s hope the next update involves gameplay!Breakdown Countdown Screenshot1

    Almost halfway through the time limit… time for my first update?

    Posted by
    Saturday, August 24th, 2013 5:05 pm

    Sooo… yeah.  I went to bed last night and slept.  I slept a whoooole lot.  I then spent a while today sitting around pondering the theme.  And another while just playing Minecraft.  Finally, about an hour ago I started actual code and art work on my submission!  My self-direction question now is:  How long do I have to work before I end up sleeping again?  Maybe I can somehow pull off 25 hours of straight work?

    Anyway!  My game is called Breakdown Countdown!  The back-story goes something like this:

    The greatest accomplishment in the history of our people is only seconds away!  We’re finally going into space, to explore the great unknown!  The countdown timer ticks away… Media from all over the globe has swarmed to our space center.  T-minus 24 hours… The World President has arrived to watch the launch in person!  T-minus 1 hour… Our brave astronauts are sealed away in their capsule.  T-minus 10 minutes…  The fuel lines are removed, the hatched are locked, all systems are go.  T-minus 1 minute… WHAT’S THIS?!  Through some cartoonish twist of fate, our mighty space-faring ship has suddenly collapsed into pieces on the launch pad!  It’s too late to stop the ignition sequence!  Quick, send the engineers in the put it back together as best they can!  It’s all riding on their skills now!  T-minus 10 seconds…

    Fulmen H+8

    Posted by
    Saturday, August 24th, 2013 2:33 am
    Fulmen's game


    We’ve been working on our game for about eight hours, and it is time for a screen shot ! Our robot only has ten seconds of energy and must reach the end of the level using the batteries. We plan to add loads of items and interactive elements, such as lasers, doors, etc. You can already see a deadly acid lake, which doesn’t totally work yet.

    I wrote a timelapse screen capture script for the mac

    Posted by
    Friday, August 23rd, 2013 5:29 pm

    It requires python and ffmpeg. It’s not very fully featured yet, but it might be useful to someone.

    Check it out on github:


    Adding Sound To A Game?

    Posted by (twitter: @powderblock)
    Tuesday, August 20th, 2013 12:59 pm

    Hey, I am getting all of my tools in order and working on a few different little projects to get setup for LD and I have ran into a problem, I have never good with sound. Like at all.

    I don’t even know how to get sound playing and I am scared if I ever did, it would be unstable enough to make the game unplayable for some people. This brings me to a another topic, what is the best language (in your opinion, to you) for making sound?

    I had minor success in Unity with sound, but in ‘dem hardcore languages I have never been able to get it working. (I tried Python, C++ w/ SDL, etc.)

    Any help on the matter is appreciated.

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