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Ludum Dare 29 — April 25th-28th Weekend [9 PM EST] — Theme: ??? (Theme Voting!)
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  • Ludum Dare 29 Jam (72 Hour+Teams OK+Relaxed) Begins: in 5 days, 16 hours, 39 minutes, 9 seconds
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    Playable Prototype!

    Posted by (twitter: @caranha)
    Sunday, December 15th, 2013 8:18 am

    I should have posted this prototype ages ago, but I took way too long making the opening and ending screens. Now that this is done, I can go back to making new enemies :-).

    So, in this prototype you have all 4 kinds of upgrades (You only get one at a time!), but only one kind of enemy. There are no screen transitions yet either – will work on this as time allows.

    Have fun! Download it here.


    Progress Update

    Posted by (twitter: @Polyganz)
    Saturday, December 14th, 2013 3:48 pm


    So couple hours into the jam the core gameplay works. The player can place, remove and edit grid trigger plates. The runner behaves accordingly with game-over and win states working. If you feel like giving it a try there is a webplayer here: http://www.the2ndsky.ch/LD28/

    The goal is to build a path to the target block by using various trigger plates that change the path of the runner. Once you click play you have no more influence into the game, hence the theme “you only get one”. What do you guys think?

    I’ll now work on camera function, two more trigger plates and then I’ll decide upon an art-style as well as a setting. Followed by modelling and finding the right sound effects. :) Watch it all go down in history: http://www.twitch.tv/polyganz

    Let the paper sketching begin :3

    Posted by (twitter: @crowbeak)
    Friday, December 13th, 2013 8:27 pm

    Crowbeak's LD28 sketching

    LD48 Game! Stealth Man: And the Magical Stopwatch!

    Posted by
    Monday, August 26th, 2013 12:16 am


    I’m Jeff, and here is the game I worked with a co-worker called Stealth Man: And the Magical Stopwatch. It’s a stealth heist game, were you have a stopwatch that can pause time.


    Code / Art / Level Design – Jeff Eastman

    Get the game here!


    Post Mortem:


    - Learned a few new tricks in optimizing Game Maker.

    - First Ludum Dare!


    - First Ludum Dare…

    - Too much time on creating AI, that wasn’t needed for simple game.

    - Creating traps required a lot of trial and error in testing.

    - Cameras were a pain to change.

    -Didn’t have enough to implement Richard’s work.


    If you have any questions, feedback, blackmail, be sure to send a tweet to me @Jeff_Eastman!

    Made like 4 separate Prototypey Things No Game #LD48

    Posted by
    Sunday, August 25th, 2013 4:24 pm


    Hey Guys, makehimanoffer here. This was my first actual Ludum Dare jam thing. I’ve done plenty more jams before though. But alas, this wasn’t my jam at all at all. I didn’t really like the theme at all. 10 Seconds was sort of annoying with whatever coming to your mind being: like X but in 10 seconds.

    Like I had plenty of ideas, but with regards, implementing them.


    You’re about to OD on acid in 10 seconds, so you have to take more acid to extend your perception of time. Platformer where more acid = more powers. But I quit it after I got platforming in because I was meh about the whole thing.



    Like the first one but as a topdown roguelike similar to binding of isaac. But there’s already a binding of isaac so I didn’t bother continuing on past room generation.


    This one I liked, but I really felt was missing something. And I will possibly expand upon it later. You’re present with a button and over the course of 10 seconds a bio of a person is give, you must decide whether to push the button and kill them or let them live. If the death is just you gain points based on when you pushed the button. if not you lose points.


    It was cool concept. I could definitely expand upon it in an interesting way. But for the most part coming up with the bios was alot of effort. For something where I feel the emotional impact of what you were doing was lacking. More Design is needed.



    This was basically a way of trying to have some fun. It was called Tense Conditions. And you basically would masturbate on a house by pressing space rapidly. Would have expanded. But got sick of the effort of this. In case I scrapped it tomorrow.





    So that basically rounds up a fairly meh experience at Ludum Dare. Wasn’t a fan of the theme. Bit me in the ass this time round.

    Oh well. I’ll be back for the next one. Cheers





    10 seconds of light alpha 2

    Posted by (twitter: @davidfarndt)
    Saturday, August 24th, 2013 12:44 pm









    Alpha 2 release of 10 Seconds of Light is out!

    Now with 300% more awesomeness (2 more levels)


    Finishing the main features today, tomorrow: tutorial level, menu and music!



    10 seconds of light alpha build

    Posted by (twitter: @davidfarndt)
    Saturday, August 24th, 2013 8:09 am









    The first alpha is finished!

    Very small and simple level but most of the game mechanics are in place (although some not visible).

    Use WASD to control the ball. Use left ctrl or left mouse button to switch on the light.

    But beware! You’ve only got 10 seconds of power! Try to reach the end.

    Play it now: http://david-arndt.de/games/10secondsoflight/


    Here’s a dev screen:


    Gameplay Complete – tech demo ready!

    Posted by (twitter: @caranha)
    Saturday, April 27th, 2013 12:14 am

    After thinking a bit more about ideas for the Theme, I decided to go with a very simple gameplay mechanic:

    You are a fair king, who decided to divide the land between two warring lords. You drag your mouse (or your finger) to draw a line on the land. The goal of the game is to, simply, try to divide the valuable land as closely between the two lords as possible.

    This might look trivial, and maybe it is, but now I have plenty of time for polish, music, and a number of levels. If I have the time, I might add an extra mechanic or two to the game.

    You can try it here:
    Java (all platforms)Android (a bit slow)

    And the code is here:
    Git Repository



    Posted by (twitter: @caranha)
    Sunday, December 16th, 2012 9:23 am
    Game at 38hs. 10 to go!

    Game at 38hs. 10 to go!

    After 38hs, I have something actually resembling a game. Wakka Wakka Wakka sounds are in! Even though the AI is pretty dumb, the game provides a decent challenge. If you could try it and let me know what you think regarding difficulty levels and controls, I would be eternally grateful! Also tell me what you think of the sounds!

    Now where do we go from here? First I need to fix the shitty (literally!) intro screen, and also add a high score screen (including music for both – the game screen sounds fine as is). After that, some way to ramp up the difficulty (speed up pacman, increase power pellet time, different maps?). If there is enough time after that, I will try to fix the Java applet, that somehow stopped working after I added sounds to the game :-(. IF, very IF there is still any time left, I will try to put into the AI. But that is not likely.

    Stupid Pathfinding :-(

    Posted by (twitter: @caranha)
    Sunday, December 16th, 2012 3:19 am

    So, I’ve spend almost 6 hours today trying to get the pathfinding working for my PACMAN game, fighting lots of strange code bugs (and one eclipse bug). Then, when I get everything right, I realize that the way I was approaching the problem was fundamentally wrong!

    See, I was picking one of the closest pellets, and trying to find a path around the monsters to it. If there was a monster between Pac and the pellet, this algorithm won’t find another closer pellet in the other direction!

    In short, whenever pacman sees a monster between him and the pellet he wants, he freezes.

    The solution is to instead implement a BFS, returning when I find the first pellet available (should have seen that all along :-( ). But since I’ve spent SO much time tweaking the AI already, I will put this on the backburner, and work a bit on the sound effects (Wakka wakka wakka!), and the graphics. After I’m done with a somewhat more polished look to my game, I will concentrate on the AI again.

    Here are the links, if you want to play with dumb pacman:

    Prototype Number Trois!

    Posted by (twitter: @caranha)
    Saturday, December 15th, 2012 8:21 pm
    Now I have a much more "pacman-y" look, power pellets, victory and losing conditions!

    Now I have a much more “pacman-y” look, power pellets, victory and losing conditions!

    Links to play:

    25 hours into the dare, this is what I have achieved. The game now has a definitely “Pacman-y” look to it, with the new maze tiles. I’ve improved the ghosts’ look a little too. The main difference this time is the power pellet. Pacman can now kill your ghosts, who will become confused and erratic during the duration of the power pellet. The map in this prototype is a test map that should allow you to see the different options (victory, losing, having your ghosts eaten by pacman, etc).

    You select ghosts using 1-4, and you move with ASDW or the arrow keys. If anyone could provide feedback regarding the responsiveness of the controls, it would be much appreciated!

    Now to dive into some basic AI for Pacman and the ghosts!

    Second Prototype! Reverse Pacman

    Posted by (twitter: @caranha)
    Saturday, December 15th, 2012 10:28 am
    Second prototype of my game. All placeholder art, but most of the mechanics are in place.

    Second prototype of my game. All placeholder art, but most of the mechanics are in place.

    15 hours into the Dare, and this is what I got to show for my efforts:

    The basic mechanics are in place: you can move your ghost, and you can switch among ghosts. If pacman eats all the pellets you lose (and go back to the main screen). If you manage to catch Pacman, he dies, and you win (and go back to the main screen). There are a few mechanics that I have yet to implement (power pellets, scoring, ramping difficulty), but the game is mostly feature complete now. Now it is the time to add actual art, sound, and balance to the game, and this is my plan for sunday.

    Feeling good.

    Here are the links to the prototype:

    Basic gameplay working

    Posted by (twitter: @anthonycosgrave)
    Saturday, December 15th, 2012 9:02 am

    Some art done and the basic hero firing questions is working.

    Changing the question path from straight down the screen to variable x-coordinates has made a big difference.

    First a nap and then collision based monologuing…wow there’s a phrase I didn’t think I’d ever use!


    First prototype!

    Posted by (twitter: @caranha)
    Saturday, December 15th, 2012 3:54 am

    Gotta post something to keep me motivated:

    A simple screenshot of my game. Maps are working, as well as collision between entities and the map. Player control is in as well.

    A simple screenshot of my game. Maps are working, as well as collision between entities and the map. Player control is in as well.

    Basic player control is working, as well as collision between the ghosts and the map. Implemented some very simple AI controllers that will always “move forward” in a random direction.

    Next in the queue:

    • Make a “traditional” maze
    • Implement a simple pacman
    • Implement ghosts killing the pacman, and an intro/resetting screen
    • Implement coins/coin-pacman interaction/losing screen
    • Implement power pellets

    That should be the basic. After that, its up for balancing/AI, and polish. :-D

    Play the game (1-4 switch ghosts, arrowkeys, awsd move selected ghost):

    LINUX USERS: please let me know if the java applet runs for you! If not, the Fat Jar should run anyway. Thanks!

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