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    Last voting weekend

    Posted by (twitter: @allinlabs)
    Friday, May 16th, 2014 9:16 am

    It’s the last weekend guys! Why don’t you give my game a try ?

    [ Beneath a red sky ]

    Beneath a red sky gameplay

    gifs gifs gifs

    Posted by (twitter: @blubberquark)
    Sunday, May 4th, 2014 7:54 am

    I made some .gif screenshots of gnome fortress. MoviePy is a fantastic library for making animated gifs in python. The post-compo version of gnome fortress will create gifs if you have MoviePy installed.

    Now I can show you the garden gnomes in action:



    Building / Teamwork


    play and rate it here

    [Patient 283] We are making some adjustments but…

    Posted by (twitter: @beavlgames)
    Monday, April 28th, 2014 12:45 pm


    Patient 283 is a game where you control a nanobot to retrieve specific memories from the mind of a serial killer.

    Soundtrack on soundcloud!

    Posted by (twitter: @https://twitter.com/benjawells)
    Monday, April 28th, 2014 8:59 am

    At last, I have recovered from yesterday’s long night, as well as the sheer volume of stress that comes from trying to take on such a genuinely serious topic as my game did.

    More on that in the postmortem, whenever I write that. Probably when I have some good feedback to work with.

    In the meantime, I finally figured out how to make game gifs!



    …I say that, it’s not doing much of the whole “animated” half of “animated gif”.

    That, and I just uploaded the OST onto Soundcloud. Have a listen! Let me know what you think!

    You can find Esc over here, if you want to give me some feedback.

    Happy jamming, everyone!

    Bathyscaphe11 Development Timelapse

    Posted by (twitter: @j_peeba)
    Monday, April 28th, 2014 7:42 am

    Hello you all! I’m slowly recovering from the weekend of crunching so I managed to create a development timelapse video from shots captured over the weekend while working on my game, Bathyscaphe11:

    If you’re interested in the game itself, please visit the compo page. I won’t bother writing a huge description here since I think that the game is is best illustrated in gif form! :)

    Now it’s time for me to play and rate some more games!

    Game Over!

    Posted by (twitter: @TomboFry)
    Sunday, April 27th, 2014 3:14 pm

    You thought I was quitting? Hah, shame on you!

    Flesh Hunter - Game Over

    So close to finishing now! Just got to add a couple more sounds, and a few little things that I keep noticing will be fixed.



    Posted by (twitter: @lowcade)
    Saturday, April 26th, 2014 8:37 pm



    We made this, just for fun ^^


    And the new “k”night is coming

    Posted by (twitter: @lowcade)
    Saturday, April 26th, 2014 3:35 pm

    The night in south Brazil coming with cold wind. Our game is crawling to go out from under the covers, but we know it will come, games always come out to play

    Our Hippster Cat Hero, named Neko,is learning to walk. And he is anxious to learning to fight!

    Necronomicon have a logo, a hero and all night long to be done.




    Friends, more coffe.


    Summersaulting Swans

    Posted by (twitter: @AtkinsSJ)
    Saturday, April 26th, 2014 9:54 am

    After some extreme pain trying to fix my broken rendering, I’ve made some decent progress! :D

    I decided to interpret the theme as the simile of a swan being graceful on the top, but frantically paddling beneath the surface where you can’t see it, and am making essentially “QWOP with swans”. :D

    Remind me never to make a jam game using box2d again, blegh.

    Bab Bricks got more Juice

    Posted by (twitter: @Local_Minimum)
    Saturday, January 11th, 2014 6:51 pm

    Yesterday there was little to show.

    Today, the basic mechanics feel quite complete so I’ve had a great time experimenting and adding effects.

    All fonts and several assets are still just placeholders, but that shouldn’t be too demanding to fix tomorrow.

    I’ve done a main menu and a tutorial level. As a happy accident, the bricks I was painting the menu terrain with happened to swim all by themselves. They are obviously up to no good, but I think it worked great.

    And though the surroundings to the brick wall is still to be replaced, I’m very happy with that brick shattering and the tweening when new bricks are shoved into their right place:

    The skip button for the tutorial is in place (upper left). Don’t forget skip buttons if you have intros or tutorials!

    It will appear on the levels too after the player has attempted some few trimes.

    The main obstacle is I won’t have time to work for half of tomorrow and to make a decent first level at least, I would need to make 3D assets (windows, doors, and whatnot).
    We’ll see how it goes. Worst case scenario, I can put the bricks in new patterns and have the levels work by adjusting the amount of usurpers and rate of conspiracy.

    Almost keeping the schedule I’ve set for myself so far. For tomorrow there are still many thing but those with low priority could probably be regarded as a wishlist.

    I, must say, I’m having very much fun. Fourth game development in Unity and the rocks I hit are definitely more spaced out and softer.


    Posted by
    Friday, January 10th, 2014 11:51 pm

    I have no idea what I’m doing! But I’m still having a good time.

    My minild 48 game so far:

    “Gameplay” gif

    Save One For the Kids – a post ‘em mortem ‘em

    Posted by (twitter: @Phantom_Green)
    Monday, January 6th, 2014 1:41 am

    Ah, the ol’ post-mortem… where you retrace your steps and try to figure out what went wrong and what went right. But what if nothing went ‘wrong’? What if I’m totally satisfied with what I ended up with? Well, that’s the case… and not because my game is amazing or ground-breaking or technically flawless… but because I finally ‘beat’ Ludum Dare. Let me explain.

    This was my 10th LD, and since I first started, I’ve learned so much about myself, my limitations, my weaknesses, my strengths, how to work under pressure, etc, etc etc. What I also learned during all of those compos is that Ludum Dare is not about what you didn’t accomplish in the time limit. So often we are bombarded with comments about where our games could be improved and we write post-mortems about what didn’t go as planned, but I just simply want to see more celebration about what is actually being accomplished. To me, Ludum Dare is about what you WANTED to do versus what you were ABLE to do. And in the case of LD28, I did 100 percent of what I wanted to do. Sure, I can point out flaws in my game and there are infinite ways in which I can expand on my idea, refine it, and make it better. It was the first time that I made a list of what I wanted to accomplish and was able to check every one of them off before hitting the ‘submit’ button. Yes, Ludum Dare is about learning… it’s about pushing yourself… it’s about improving… but when I say that I finally ‘beat’ Ludum Dare… I mean that I finally reached a point where I can grab the theme, stay on target, and limit myself to the core essentials. This was always my biggest weakness, and with LD28, I was triumphant. Just like my first Ludum Dare when I didn’t save time for audio. I was unsure of my ability to make quality audio in the time limit, so I pushed it further and further back until it was too late. I was very disappointed in myself, so I made a strong effort to practice audio and I made it a larger focus. I then went on to capture two gold medals in the audio category, something I never would’ve imagined after my first LD. So now with LD28, I feel like I turned another corner in actually being able to stop myself from attempting such a hugely impossible list of features in such a short amount of time. Instead of being stressed about finishing, I was able to relax and do experiments. I was able to try new methods, use new tools, and learn new things without having to deal too much with the clock ticking away. And that brings it all back to the original purpose of Ludum Dare: to learn and grow by challenging yourself.

    So what was the end result of my LD28?
    A pattern and timing-based score attack game where you have one bullet to shoot zombie kids in the face.

    Save One For The Kids by SonnyBone

    The Idea
    The concept is nothing special. There is no story or no explanation for what’s happening. There doesn’t need to be. I wanted to make a game that could be ‘perfected’ with enough practice and memorization. There is literally a max score that can be earned if you play every stage perfectly. But good luck doing that… it’s not easy, and you can’t immediately replay stages to find the perfect solution. It’s kind of like Kirby’s Dream Course in that regard… one of my favorite games. You can get a hole in one on the first 3 holes, but then if hole 4 throws you for a loop, you have to replay the first 3 holes to try number 4 again. What you end up with is a situation where things that were once difficult become very simple, but if you get too frustrated, things that were once simple start becoming difficult. It’s one of the most common phenomenas in gaming. My friends and I once created the term “gamer’s hand” while playing Tony Hawk 2. It’s when your mind shuts off and your eyes go still but your hands move on their own as you attempt the perfect run and keep hitting ‘restart’ in the pause menu. That pattern of memorization, reflexes, and reactions mixed with your brain’s stupid desire to see bigger numbers at the end of the run. That’s what I wanted to create… a very simple puzzle game that a very specific type of gamer would want to play over and over in order to get the best score.

    The Art
    I wanted to try something new with art. I wanted to go for a hand-drawn look while testing out some new animation methods.


    The main player has no animation. I messed around with the idea of clothes blowing in the wind, recoil from the gun, or starting the stage with the player actually going from standing to crouched and then aiming the gun. I immediately realized that it would simply take too long, and that the focus should be on the moving enemies, not the player. I also decided early on that player aiming or player movement would make the number of shot possibilities go up exponentially, making the game infinitely more difficult and unpredictable. That would’ve gone against my idea of a ‘perfect’ solution that’s not too impossible to figure out (both for myself, and for the player… because I had to design the stages to be beatable and be able to calculate the lowest and highest possible scores).

    The main enemy is where all the animation went.


    I was watching Home Improvement while waiting for the theme announcement, so I think my enemy ended up being Mark Taylor by accident.

    I’m not sure why I decided to make a game about killing zombie kids, but I think I remember having an idea about them being crazy Minecraft fans that desperately wanted more Minecraft clones and were going around killing anyone not currently developing one.


    The enemy consists of several different parts that were tweened and occasionally swapped out with other sprites:

    If I had another 2 hours to work on the game, I probably would’ve spent the time redrawing the feet and making some palette swaps for variety.

    The Gameplay


    That’s pretty much it right there. You hit spacebar at the right time, everything freezes, and your bullet rips through a line of enemies. Your goal is to kill everything on the screen with one shot, but it’s best to get the same kind of shot in a row to get extra points. Killing everything on the screen gives you a MURDERTALITY BONUS that dramatically increases your score based on how many enemies you killed. You get 250 pts for leg shots, 500 for torso shots, and 1000 for headshots. If you land three headshots in a row, for example, the first is worth 1000, the second is 2000, and the third is 3000. If you killed everything on the screen, then that total gets multiplied by an amount that I can’t remember… lol.

    At the end of the stage, you are presented with a medal for your performance. Yes, it is possible to clear every enemy in the game and get a gold medal on every stage. I have only done it once, but I kind of cheated to do it. The closest I’ve been able to get without cheating is 8 perfect stages and 2 silver stages.

    The Audio

    I went with a very subdued soundtrack. The Wintry setting, the jumping kiddies, the holiday cheer… I kind of wanted something that would be relaxing to help you focus. I spent more time on the ‘slo mo’ bullet sound effect, the head splatters, and the dumb-ass voice samples for earning medals. I created some really goofy little voice that is almost out of place but somehow… works. I love it… especially when I get a “silllvah” medal. And then the voice at the end telling you how much you suck. There are 3 possible ‘endings’ with your overall rank/score.

    I had a crapload of fun. I made what I wanted to make. I learned a lot. I’m happy. SUCCESS!
    And this will be my last LD for a while as I keep working on my first commercial game. I haven’t officially announced it yet, but I will someday. I think 10 LDs is enough for now. I’ll come back after my first ‘real’ game is a huge flop. If you wanna stay in the loop, my site is HERE and my Twitter.



    ALSO, I did a Rad Game Roundup of my favorite 20 LD28 games. Check it out HERE
    And check out my LD soundtracks HERE

    Color Range has been submitted

    Posted by (twitter: @allinlabs)
    Tuesday, December 17th, 2013 9:54 pm

    You Only Get (to see) One color (at a time).

    Color Range is a platformer where every level has several different colored elements,
    but you can only have one colored set of elements visible at a time.

    Color Range Gameplay

    Switch between colored sets of elements


    Perception is done!

    Posted by (twitter: @y2bd)
    Sunday, December 15th, 2013 7:44 pm
    a gif of my game

    (it’s not looping, don’t worry)

    My game (the one with the weird lighting) is finally done! You can download it for Windows here: http://www.ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-28/?action=preview&uid=31403.

    My head hurts too much right now to write a post-mortem (plus it’s probably too soon anyway), so have a gif instead. And congrats to everyone who’s participated in this LD, we’ve finally gotten to the end!

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