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    The Present v2

    Posted by
    Sunday, December 15th, 2013 8:07 am

    I’ve now made the game more polished and I’ve added pretty textures and “animations” such as snow fall and santa flying!

    The following video shows what I’ve done so far:

    To do list now:

    • Create Christmasy Music
    • Add said music to gain
    • Refine controls
    • Refine falling “logic”
    • Compile and bundle for Windows/Mac/Linux
    • Add Awesome Sauce
    • Remove Rubbish

    Tools Used:

    • Programming Language – C++
    • Graphics Library – SFML 2.1
    • Audio Library – SFML 2.1
    • Image Editor/Creator – Photoshop CS5
    • Music Editor/Creator – Garageband and Logic Pro 9

    It’s a playable game – so far!

    Posted by
    Saturday, December 14th, 2013 3:43 pm

    This is the first Ludum Dare I’ve done so I thought I’d keep it simple. The ‘plot’ goes something like this:

    This year, you have been very naughty and Santa was only going to give you a piece of coal and an orange (and not even a good orange!). However, he accidentally dropped one and you are now trying to protect it as Santa throws rocks, pieces of coal, and oranges down at it to destroy it.


    The following video is the first time I thought it was a game and not just a thing.


    It’s better now but only in gameplay and not graphics.

    This game was made using the following:

    • C++ (Programming Language)
    • SFML (Graphics/Window/Audio Library)
    • Sublime Text 3 (Text Editor that is AMAZING!)

    It works on Mac and Windows (and probably Linux too but have not built it yet) so everyone should be able to play it!

    “A Cat With Only 1 Life”, status after 1st day

    Posted by
    Saturday, December 14th, 2013 2:49 pm


    The first day is done for me. I managed to do around 4 hours of game dev today (from 18:00-22:00 local time). Installation of tools took some time and being a family man, 4 hours is what I had so the progress was limited, but this is where I’m at.

    The idea is to build a game of a cat with only 1 life (when everybody else around him has the typical 9). How he still can beat the others is something that you will see day 2… (hint: cats are stooopid, but the cat with only 1 life has to be smarter than the rest).

    The tools used: Visual C# 2010 with JyPeli game programming library. Paint.NET was used for drawing sprite graphics.

    What was produced in that 4 hours was 10 or so sprites and ~250 lines of C# code. (and then I spent another 1:30 to prepare the timelapse, screenshots etc., but where is the fun in LD if you do not share?).

    If you are longing to see more of my process, see the timelapse:


    Posted by (twitter: @Ananace13)
    Saturday, December 14th, 2013 1:08 pm

    Been coding now for eight or so hours, got the basic features in already. Now I just need to add some proper AI and a nice world for it all to happen in…

    A quick screenie

    And actually draw some proper art I guess, though I doubt that will work out.

    Another screenie

    Here we go again

    Posted by
    Saturday, December 14th, 2013 7:33 am

    It’s Saturday morning here in Argentina and I already wasted a lot of time, but I think I can still make it.

    I’m using my own opengl-based engine, Crimild, and standard tools for asset creation: Photoshop, Sketchbook Pro, Blender, Audacity and Sfxr for sounds.

    Wish me luck!


    A little late

    Posted by (twitter: @Jishenaz)
    Friday, December 13th, 2013 10:18 pm

    This time I’ll make a really simple game due to the tools I’m using.

    Language: C++

    Libraries: SDL, GLM, GLEW, FreeImage, OpenGL

    IDE: Visual Studios 2012

    The base code I’m starting of with can be downloaded here:


    Last min.in

    Posted by (twitter: @Nehmulos)
    Friday, December 13th, 2013 2:16 pm

    I’m going to try something, though I’m not overly excited this time.
    Either going to use the code of my last LD48 game as a base,
    or the js code of my game from 1 year ago.

    C / SDL2: repo
    JavaScript (outdated customized cocos2d-javascript): repo
    OS: GNU/Linux
    Tools: outdated Eclipse CDT, emacs, gimp, bla bla bla same as in my old posts

    Aaaa! I’m not ready yet!

    Posted by
    Wednesday, December 11th, 2013 8:39 am

    Hi, this will be my 3rd LD! This time I will join the Jam.
    My tools are almost the same as always:

    • Language:C++11
    • IDE:VS11
    • Library: SFML 2.1
    • Library pt2: Thor
    • Codebase: haha, codebase! Snippets from here and there, some from my not yet finished “official” codebase.
    • Pixels: mainly Paint.NET
    • Sounds and music: SFXR, http://www.abundant-music.com/,maybe my mic and audacity(this time I MUST include sound in my game!)

    3 days to go and 3 days to prepare and clean-up some of my codebase.



    Being Proud of Games

    Posted by (twitter: @powderblock)
    Tuesday, December 10th, 2013 11:41 am

    Something I am coming to learn well is being proud of the work that I do in games. I have quite a catalogue of 15-20 projects I consider ‘playable’, probably five of which I am proud to be called the father of. My latest project, a building block based game, is a game I am very proud of. It is one of the most visually pleasing games I have ever made, and the gameplay is calming. I look forward to the next Ludum Dare.

    A ‘house’ I built in my game.

    Thought I should share that with you guys.


    Into the fray

    Posted by (twitter: @Ananace13)
    Saturday, December 7th, 2013 2:48 pm

    Well, I’m going to be here for LD28 too. Not even sickness shall be rid of me this time…

    Still going for the proven C++/SFML combo, maybe going to use Kunlaboro (My entity system) for this time too, might also decide to try a more scripted game instead of pure C++.
    Either way;
    Visual Studio 2010 as my IDE
    GIMP and Blender as content creation
    Sound and music are not really a priority, since I sort of suck at making them but they’ll be procedurally generated if they’re there

    SFML will be used, straight from Git and still warm.
    There’s also a strong possibility for Kunlaboro and Angelscript, but we’ll see about those.

    I’ll also be streaming this one, like I’ve done with the last couple, and I’ll try to have a timelapse done too.

    MINIMALISTIC TURBO Now on Charity Jam!

    Posted by (twitter: @powderblock)
    Tuesday, November 26th, 2013 1:49 pm

    Hey guys! Just finished up an amazing Jam where the point is to link a button in your game to a charity of your choosing. You may have heard of it as we have all been talking about it for a few weeks now here on LD. Anyway, my game is called MINIMALISTIC TURBO and I am very proud of how this turned out. This was my first game with a menu, sounds, actual graphics, and I really am just really glad with how it turned out. I think what I enjoy most is the tight controls, gameplay, and how there are very few bugs, no really, I gave this to my testers and they couldn’t find anything that was actually a bug. A few small tweaks, but no game breaking faults. This is pretty big, if you remember my last LD game, a text adventure that was pretty buggy and more often than not break for testers. I am still pretty proud of the text adventure, it was really big for me at the time and still is pretty complex, anyway, that just shows how much I have grown.
    Something else I added in this game were sounds I haven’t really had any experience with sound in games, I mean, I had played around with some stuff, but this was my first game that really embraced that and did it well.


    I am a little bit unhappy with how my text ended up on the main menu, the taglines at the top are different lengths, and I couldn’t figure out a clean and quick way to center it because I am using outdated OpenGL and GLUT. if I could learn how to do textures soon that would be more than helpful. .-. I tried to get SOIL to work DURING the Jam, and well, that didn’t really work. However; I didn’t try too hard on that. I learned about getting burned out  and sticking on a problem a while ago, in a Mini-LD. (Pro-Tip: When stuck on a problem, find a kludge, make a note, move on, come back to it later.)

    Anyway, all in all, I am really proud I was able to do this, and I hopefully helped the Red Cross along the way.

    Wanna play my game? You can look for it here, or download the game.
    Use the hashtag #MINIMALISITC_TURBO to tweet about my game! Or, follow me on the twittertwaters (@powderblock) for live tweeting late night fun.

    Procedural Maps

    Posted by (twitter: @Local_Minimum)
    Wednesday, October 30th, 2013 3:16 pm

    In my personal slow-Jam I’m working on I decided to leave everything to Random and a few parameters.

    Still there’s the need for levels, and the very basic requirements that everything should be connected, walled in and have a nice balance between narrow passages and open spaces.

    There’s probably well known and better ways to do this, but any case, since I think the end result was more or less exactly what I wanted, I’m gonna outline how I did.

    1. Define an allowed geometry by normal sampling a width and height of the map (in tiles). I used a 2D boolean array as representation when doing the calculations
    2. Randomly seed some few (<1%, but more than ~7) positions so that each has a safety margin to the border of the array
    3. Iteratively connect dots by randomly selecting one not connected to the others and walk towards the closest other true position following Manhattan distance = 1 setting all passed positions to true.
    4. Repeatedly randomly select any edge pixel and randomly select one of its 4-neighbours that are unused and expand there.
    5. When sufficient number of tiles have been placed. For all edge tiles, place a wall in all unused positions with a chessboard distance of one

    This is the result of three maps generated after one and other:
    Cube Sphere Pyramid Lvl example 1

    Cube Sphere Pyramid example lvl 2

    Cube Sphere Pyramid example lvl 2

    I only need quite small levels as each is only meant to last for maximum of 60s and the game is absolutely way too confusing to allow for larger levels, but in principle it would only require some parameter tweaking to get them too look quite differently.

    I also like how one sort of can see where the seeds must have been placed.

    Of course if anyone is interested in the code just let me know (it’s C# for Unity, and it’s not super-efficient by any means but since it’s only run at level start I figured it doesn’t matter too much).

    YAR – Yet Another Roguelike

    Posted by (twitter: @qrchack)
    Friday, October 25th, 2013 1:20 pm

    So, recently I got bored and got an idea of creating a new game. First idea: MMO. Then “well, I’ll need to write both server and client and deal with networking stuff”. Goes out.


    Second idea: make something small. And, after an hour here’s it:

    The very first version of YAR

    HP and MP are hardcoded and unchangable, but hey, that’s alpha :)


    Then decided to move forward. Already got mapping stuff (currently hardcoded table of integers, to be replaced with files), working walls (with deleted ghost-mode :] ) and with some nice green grass. Doesn’t it look beautiful?

    Some time later...

    Hey, this is my first game without using Game Maker or any other stuff, don’t blame me :D


    It’s confirmed to be working on Debian, Cygwin and WinXP. Tested it through SSH on my phone, too :

    If you feel interested, have a look into sources hosted on my GitHub. You’re welcome to drop your hates below, too! :)


    PS: Maybe it’ll go for next 48h, who knows.. :)

    Jamming with OpenFL

    Posted by (twitter: @wilbefast)
    Sunday, September 8th, 2013 12:06 pm

    Time for our post-mortem :)

    I won’t re-introduce the team, you can go to our “we’re in” post for that. Basically there were 3 of us and we’re pretty awesome!

    So what happened?

    Well, we made a time-bending tower-defence game called “10 Second Onslaught”. It’s about an onslaught you see, and the onslaught in question lasts 10 seconds:

    10 second onslaught awesome

    The game wasn’t really “finished” after 72 hours even though it’s completely playable. I’m actually glad we were over-ambitious though: it’s a good beginning and something I’m still working on (in a separate branch of course ;) )

    What went well?

    The art pipline was probably the one thing that went particularly well. Thomas is really a 3D artist, so soon reverted back from pixel art to making models and rendering them to bitmaps. To speed things up I wrote a couple of little ImageMagick scripts to mirror and then stick these images together into sheets. Then it was just a matter of using the haxelib spritesheet to have animated characters in the game :)

    What went badly?

    For various reasons, mostly the technology (OpenFL) being something only I had ever used before, I ended up writing a majority of the code, which is just stupid. Next time we’re going to have to organise ourselves better.

    Read on for a rather long discussion of OpenFL, including comparisons to Unity 3D and Löve 2D…


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