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Ludum Dare 29 — April 25th-28th Weekend [9 PM EST] — Theme: ??? (Theme Voting!)
  • Ludum Dare 29 Compo (48 Hour+Solo+Scratch+Src) Begins: in 1 day, 6 hours, 7 minutes, 44 seconds
  • Ludum Dare 29 Jam (72 Hour+Teams OK+Relaxed) Begins: in 1 day, 6 hours, 7 minutes, 45 seconds
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    Gotta make your mind up

    Posted by (twitter: @dale_price)
    Friday, December 13th, 2013 11:19 pm

    Which ship will you take?

    Screen Shot 2013-12-14 at 12.11.00 AM

    Made like 4 separate Prototypey Things No Game #LD48

    Posted by
    Sunday, August 25th, 2013 4:24 pm


    Hey Guys, makehimanoffer here. This was my first actual Ludum Dare jam thing. I’ve done plenty more jams before though. But alas, this wasn’t my jam at all at all. I didn’t really like the theme at all. 10 Seconds was sort of annoying with whatever coming to your mind being: like X but in 10 seconds.

    Like I had plenty of ideas, but with regards, implementing them.


    You’re about to OD on acid in 10 seconds, so you have to take more acid to extend your perception of time. Platformer where more acid = more powers. But I quit it after I got platforming in because I was meh about the whole thing.



    Like the first one but as a topdown roguelike similar to binding of isaac. But there’s already a binding of isaac so I didn’t bother continuing on past room generation.


    This one I liked, but I really felt was missing something. And I will possibly expand upon it later. You’re present with a button and over the course of 10 seconds a bio of a person is give, you must decide whether to push the button and kill them or let them live. If the death is just you gain points based on when you pushed the button. if not you lose points.


    It was cool concept. I could definitely expand upon it in an interesting way. But for the most part coming up with the bios was alot of effort. For something where I feel the emotional impact of what you were doing was lacking. More Design is needed.



    This was basically a way of trying to have some fun. It was called Tense Conditions. And you basically would masturbate on a house by pressing space rapidly. Would have expanded. But got sick of the effort of this. In case I scrapped it tomorrow.





    So that basically rounds up a fairly meh experience at Ludum Dare. Wasn’t a fan of the theme. Bit me in the ass this time round.

    Oh well. I’ll be back for the next one. Cheers





    Anyone have advice for pixel art, I need some fast. :(

    Posted by (twitter: @https://twitter.com/gamepopper)
    Sunday, August 25th, 2013 7:24 am

    Enough said.

    End of Day 1

    Posted by (twitter: @MarcCook_)
    Saturday, August 24th, 2013 2:43 pm

    So after loads of errors with Maratis 3D including crashing every other build and textures not working on a build i decided to switch to Unity and take it more casually than I was intending. The idea is still the same; explorable environment with a story told in 10 second snippets in an abandoned lab. Im also trying to take a clean art direction with 64×64 textures to give it a crisp look.
    Heres hoping day 2 goes better than today.

    Small room in need of texturing.

    Small room in need of texturing.

    First Ludum Dare

    Posted by (twitter: @MarcCook_)
    Saturday, August 24th, 2013 3:09 am

    Ive decided to give LD a go even though im an artist with basically zero programming skills. Bearing that in mind my ‘Game’ is going to be more of an interactive environment/art peice and the 10 second theme will be used as a method of telling the story via 10 second long audio clips(most likely).
    Im using Maratis 3D and I currently have the player moving around. Now on to modelling the first environment.

    Kerinova Game Studios- Defence Paradigm- Day 0 [Sebastian's Perspective]

    Posted by (twitter: @twitter.com/kerinovastudios)
    Monday, July 22nd, 2013 11:37 am

    Hello everyone, Sebastian here.

    Day 0 was a day of immense preparation for our debut in #7DRTS, as we had many things to get ready for the challenge that will be not *entirely* failing at this. I think we did well…? At least, we managed to not break anything so far.

    To reiterate for the fifty-thousanth time, the game we are making will be called Defence Paradigm. Basically the concept is a MOBA/ARTS- with potential macro elements and controllable units other than the main hero.

    What I did on Day 0 [7/21]-

    -I tried and managed to actually succeed at making the stream work with semi-decent quality

    -We (me and Xeon over at twitch.tv/zxeonz) created the GDD

    - I set up all the VSTs that I’ll be using to make the music and sound

    - I made my already ghetto setup more ghetto by trying to make the second monitor for streaming not be crunched into the wall

    -I designed the HUD concept




    Go to my stream at twitch.tv/threadnecromancer for my side of the development

    Eternal Journey – Art!

    Posted by (twitter: @GreenPixelDev)
    Saturday, May 4th, 2013 9:00 am

    Hey, everyone! Green Pixel’s artist here! Ludum Dare 26 was a blast and we came up with our Jam entry: Eternal Journey :D

    If you’ve played it and rated it, thank you so much for your feedback! If you haven’t, check it out here and we’d appreciate your thoughts!

    We made Eternal Journey with mobile devices in mind (as we have released an iOS title in the past) and we’re happy to read that a lot of the feedback seems to welcome the game – albeit a more finished version – on smartphones :D

    This was our second LD Jam and one thing I realized from LD25 was that I didn’t really learn much artistically – besides learning how fast I could work under a time constraint. So, this time around, I decided to experiment. Why not, right? When I heard that the theme was Minimalism, I thought of triangles and, inspired by games like Vlambeer’s Ridiculous Fishing, I came up with the art for Eternal Journey. Below is a handy screenshot if you don’t have time to play the game :D


    Triangles galore, eh? Now that we’re going ahead with the fully-featured version of the game (that we’re hoping to release before the next LD :D), I’m wondering if I should continue with this triangle-istic style. As a game artist, I’ve only really ever worked with pixel art and it’s the most comfortable style for me. I whipped up a quick mockup of what the mobile, pixel art version would look like (note that the background is largely unfinished :D), seen below:


    See the huge difference? :D Gameplay aside, which style would you prefer? Do you think pixel art still appeals to the masses or is it played out? Would the semi-abstract triangles fare better in the world of apps?

    I’d love to hear your thoughts! Thanks and happy gaming! :D

    Nothing Is Impossible – Afterthoughts

    Posted by (twitter: @zekyonD)
    Monday, April 29th, 2013 1:43 pm


    Play Here

    Well, we are going to start from the beginning. I had high hopes about the theme would be Parallel Worlds so I started to do an idea about a game with this theme in my head.

    The day 26 came and the final theme was Minimalism. The first thing I did was curse to the people who had voted that theme. The second thing was start to think how can I innovate and at the same time create a minimalism game, but the ideas weren’t coming to my, and magically I remembered my first idea for the Parallel Worlds theme. This idea consisted in a split-screen with two characters who would interact between they. You would have to get the objects in the ground and go changing of screen for kill enemies who only could be killed by one of the character (ok, this sounded better in my head).

    So I made this concept more minimalist. The game would have split-screen and two character running forward, each screen would represent the black or the white and this would create a contrast between the characters and the background.

    Then, when I had this in my project of Unity, I added blocks who kill you when you touch him. Although this look like a simple thing but this was one of my hardest challenges in the develop of this game, all because Unity not detected any collider. After two hours and almost come to despair I decided restart my computer, and YEAH! THIS SOLVED THE PROBLEM, FUCK U UNITY!, were my words.

    Well, the colliders works good, the characters run forward and when they touch a block they die. And has not spent even one day, this is amazing!.

    Is time to level design!

    The level design was very frustrating, to each block that I put I needed complete the level until that point, and this isn’t easy, seriously, I wanted to hit something!. It took me a lot of hours.

    Ok, the day had not finished and I still had time to do the menus. I made it and finally came the time to sleep after 22 hours of work without rest.

    The game was complete and I still had one day more to polish it.

    The second day was a relaxing day. I did the music and fix a lot of bugs. I still had more of half day more so I started thinking in what could I add to make the game experience more satisfactory, the first thing I saw was that the graphics were very very simples, I knowed that the theme was minimalism but… I love the pixels and my game had to have pixels!, so I set to worked. I did a wall of bricks and some windows and the game now looked like an ancient castle. The problem of it was that the game was now more hard. But fuck, I really loved how the game looked!, so I add a “button” for choose if you want play with textures or without them.

    Finally I publish the game when still missing about five hour to finish the compo.

    And this is basically how I did feel while I was develop this game for my first ludum dare.

    PD: Sorry for my bad english, I’m not a native

    a most minimal machine

    Posted by
    Sunday, April 28th, 2013 7:51 am

    a most minimal machine

    This is an idea for something I had running around in my head for part of the weekend.

    From the moment it was complete, it was able to provided me with precisely 3.376 seconds of pure enjoyment.

    Then I knew I had to share it with you.



    President vs Eevol: Art Postmortem

    Posted by (twitter: @@SunShiranui)
    Sunday, January 6th, 2013 9:16 am

    Hello everybody! This is the third of a series of four postmortems for our LD25 game “President vs Eevol“. Every article will cover a different aspect and point of view on the game’s development. The following post-mortem is on the game’s art design and is written by animator Daniele Piscitello.

    President vs Eevol
    Postmortem #3 of 4: Art

    Good day! I’m Daniele Piscitello, and I worked as the only artist for Team OmniaRing’s first game “President vs Eevol”. As the other members of our team are doing I’ll talk a bit about some aspects of how the art and the animation of “President vs Eevol” have been done.

    The game’s main idea was to have a sort of evil british gentleman infiltrating in the President’s mansion. The player’s objective is to find the hidden key and take it to the door in order to reach the next level sneaking silently and fooling the president’s armed bodyguards. When we came up with the game’s design I understood that, in order to properly follow the theme, we needed to give our protagonist an high level of characterization. In a few hours the basic look of “Eevol the evil” was ready. Most of the first of the three days was spent only on making that exaggerated sneaky tiptoe animation that immediately gave life and an evilish look to Eevol.

    I decided that our protagonist should have had a very peculiar and evilish walking animation.

    I decided that our protagonist should have had a very peculiar and evilish walking animation.

    After that I designed his signature bomb. I opted for a classical looking bomb immersed in a teacup. That was very funny to do and I hope that it made the players smile for a moment.

    president vs eevol bomb

    I tried to follow a priority list for the graphic and the animation, so, after completing all the main character’s animations I noticed that half of our time had already passed and I still had to make all the other graphics. After I completed all the tiles that compose the game’s levels I understood that I didn’t have enough time to make a proper walking animation for the enemies. At the beginning the idea for the enemy’s design was to make them human. I have to admit that I never liked the idea because I thought it was too common to have human guards and that something different could have make the game atmosphere funnier, so I decided to make some floating robot bodyguards, which were easier to animate due to their lack of legs.

    You need to make some compromises if you develop something in 72 hours, andanimating a floating robot was easier than animating a human.

    You need to make some compromises if you develop something in 72 hours, and
    animating a floating robot was easier than animating a human.

    I would have loved to make animations for the enemies in all the four directions, but the thing I regret the most is that the levels are too much empty for my taste. In my mind, the levels should have been full of furniture and little things, but I fortunately understood in time that such level of detail is almost impossible to achieve in only 3 days.I hope that with the help of all the experience I’ve earned through this Ludum Dare, by the time the next one comes I’ll be able to produce a lot more in a shorter amount of time, even though I realize that animation is always a looong process.

    I’m an animation student, but I started my course just this October so they haven’t even started teaching to animate anything yet, and therefore everything that I made for this game was absolutely self-taught. This was also the first time I seriously animated something and I’m very happy of the result and of all the amazing feedbacks I received for my animations. Thank you all! It was very important for me. If you want to know more about me in the future be sure to check out my Twitter account!

    You can reach Daniele Piscitello via Twitter at: https://twitter.com/danipiscitello

    Next up is the last of our four postmortems for President vs Eevol: the music postmortem by composer Matteo Gagliardi.

    My Ludum Game

    Posted by (twitter: @iandioch)
    Saturday, December 15th, 2012 1:04 pm


    Just a little update on my Ludum Dare game (for Ludum Dare 25, “You Are the Villain”. Yeah, lovin’ the theme!).

    It’s one of those endless runners (because I hate making levels, random is the way to go).

    And, in the spirit of my Irish Indie Challenge, I’ve gone for a crazy art style – everything is in shades of red :D

    So you’re running and jumping and trying to escape. Because what kind of villain are you if you’ve never had a daring rooftop escape?


    Keep in mind that I haven’t made the player sprites yet, they’ll be red too (same fella as on the title screen). I’m really happy with the art so far – it’s unique and not all that bad, if I do say so myself!

    Altogether I’m having loads of fun, in the Ludum Dare spirit. Game-jamming is a fantastic way to spend a weekend.

    Fake Sneak Peek!

    Posted by
    Saturday, August 25th, 2012 6:55 pm

    This is a sneak peek at the game I’m making with kddekadenz! :) Actually its a FAKE sneak peek since he has the code and I don’t; I put the objects together in Game Maker like they would appear in the game.

    All of this is made with Game Maker’s sprite editor (yes, that’s right)
    since 10:30 this morning :D most of these are animated too. And theres more that I couldn’t fit in there, too

    Simulated Sneak Peek

    kddekadenz is doing some pretty cool stuff with the game engine, too!

    edit: lol fixed your name, sorry about that

    First Post: Hope to make it in this world!

    Posted by (twitter: @L4xord)
    Tuesday, July 17th, 2012 4:48 am

    Hi all,

    I discovered LD48 9-12 months ago. I’ve always been interested in programming, and I now how some experience in it.

    My current goal is to be proficient in Java (maybe fluent, if possible) by LD25, about hopefully make something which I can submit to it. I also want to improve on my pixel art.\

    Anyway my next post will probably be between now and LD25. Maybe in September-October to report on my Java progress and then just before LD25 if all goes well.

    Naos – LD23, A post-mortem. Crosspost with wordpress

    Posted by (twitter: @seagaia2)
    Wednesday, April 25th, 2012 3:12 pm

    Crosspost with my wordpress – seagaia.wordpress.com


    This past weekend I made a game, “Naos”, for Ludum Dare 23, around the theme “Tiny World”. If you haven’t played Naos yet, you should do so now, the blog post will make more sense.


    The sound.

    Aesthetics were very important for me in this jam game. So I tried to pick carefully what kind of music I wanted to write. The game wasn’t supposed to represent a wholly realistic thing, so the music sort of reflects that in a haunting/minimal way (the organ-like house loop, the chime-like thing in the forest). The more action-like piece at the cliff helps to show that there is some action going on there (i ended up redoing this one the most…). As for the intro/ending thing…I couldn’t really think of a fitting melody, so I added some fancy-ass white noise that I thought fit.

    I like the chimes piece the most, and would like to expand upon that. I feel like part of it was definitely influenced by listening to the Fez OST ( http://disasterpeace.com/ )way too much over the weekend – especially with the bitcrushing it uses, which I felt I may have overused in a place or two. Two pieces in particular I found salient were Spirit and Nature.

    https://player.soundcloud.com/player.swf?url=http%3A%2F%2Fapi.soundcloud.com%2Ftracks%2F44156155 Seagaia – Songs from Naos (Ludum Dare 23) by seagaia

    Graphics style…WHY? MY EYES!

    Admittedly the game’s blur was a bit much. I did think it suited the quiet/haunting/ethereal-esque nature of the game, though. I wanted to try the scribbly style. Spending more time would have of course improved…well, everything. In a normal setting they wouldn’t be that rushed, I’d use a tablet, etc. Right now, it looks just good enough to not seem completely sloppy. (But is, still, of course, sloppy :P )

    I was playing a lot with BitmapData objects in AS3 (surprisingly for the first time…why? I don’t know…but now I’ve got a level of comfort). They more or less represent what will be drawn to screen. And you can do interesting things like pull out certain color channels, transform them, and superimpose them on the original graphic. Or, you can blur things at different levels. The way I did blurring wasn’t ideal, I surely could come up with a more plug-and-play way of doing it, rather than the somewhat terrible way I have now (at least it’s organized terribly), which was to copy the sprite’s data, and keep some external data that determines how much to blur it – essentially, I have a copy of the data – I copy it to the displayed sprite, blur it, draw that to the screen, etc. The same idea goes for the color offsets. I played around until it looked okay.

    I also played with a new logo for Seagaia today. It shows up on the intro screen. I like it. It’s a bit of a rip-off from. It was fun to make, at least the top part. There’s this nice thing in GIMP where you can copy and paste every other row, and then you make it a bit transparent, modify it a bit and superimpose it to get this neat shadow-y effect.

    oh so how was the coding

    Straightforward for the most part. Every room was a different state, with its own events and so forth.

    Became an ugly mess near the end with the event coding since I haven’t figured out a nice way to do events with flixel yet…want to definitely figure that out. I’ve been asking around a bit, but not much in the way of detailed cutscenes. x_x

    Since I already talked about the graphics coding, the only really interesting aspect was the events. How do they work? Well, for one, it helps to draw a tree of your dependencies with state variables. For example, “E_CLIFF_2″ represents the 2nd cliff cutscene, “DRAWING_1_DONE” represents finishing the second drawing. And so every iteration of the game loop, depending on what screen we’re in, we check to see if we need to start an event. Essentially, events just freeze character controls, and wait for some condition (my player’s x being at some point, pressing x to advance text) to occur. Each event has an “event_pos” variable that is incremented when that condition is true, bringing the event to the next part (text, movement, whatever).

    While this method works for a game jam, it doesn’t really scale well (see the other game I’m making) when it comes to moving many sprites that you don’t want to have to hard code into the game…and it’s a bit hard on the coder with the repetitive switch statements (see.https://github.com/SeanHogan/seagaiald23/blob/master/src/CliffState.as JEEZUS.)

    An interesting bug resulting from this was that I didn’t nest one of the “if you press x increment the event counter” things deep enough, so if a player pressed X before they should have on the forest screen, you would be frozen when you actually pressed X over the right thing. Thanks to my friend Runnan for showing me that issue…gah!

    One way this could have been done better is to have only checked for events once upon entering a screen, or have had some single “an event happened” variable to be checked, rather than all of these conditions on every iteration of the game loop. While this is okay because performance didn’t really become an issue here, it would be something to think about in some sort of later implementation.

    so what the hell was this about?

    it’s a secret! well, a few people have messaged me on NG about it, surprisingly. My interpretation of it is more or less solidified, but it’s interesting to see other people’s takes on it as well. In lieu of not looking all pretentious, i won’t write about it here. but if you’d like to know, shoot me a message.

    that’s all for now.

    if you found this interesting, you should follow me on twitter . http://www.twitter.com/seagaia2

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