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    Ogre’s Gold – be a greedy goblin

    Posted by (twitter: @asotelo94)
    Tuesday, May 6th, 2014 4:46 pm

    This the 3D game we did for LD29 Jam. Find your way to the Ogre’s gold in 4 different levels.


    icon OgresGold


    Had a blast on my first LD ever. Somehow we all agree to make a game at the last minute before the jam started. What makes me the most proud is that we are able to make a 3D game in such a short time and 100% remotely. Right now I am living in Florida, US; while the rest of the team is living in Lima, Peru (where I am from). We are conscious that this game has a lot of flaws, especially in what comes to the mechanics (we didn’t had enough time to make the illumination work as we wanted); however, this projects gives us the confidence that we can make 3d games in a short period of time.



    Have unlimited fun playing autogenerated maps.

    automap - OgreGold


    Web (Kongregate), Windows, Mac, Linux. Web version recommended.

    kongregate - OgreGold


    -Made with Unity3D

    -3Ds Max


    Alexis Sotelo

    Alvaro Barua

    Alonso Caballero

    Edwin Cornejo



    Such Walk, much ogre, superb…

    Posted by
    Sunday, April 27th, 2014 6:50 pm

    ogre walk

    So here is an animation test of one of the characters. “What does he/she/it do” you ask? you’ll have to play the game to find out. To all the jammers, keep it up, we still got time. can’t wait to see some great games.



    MiniLD #48 Progress

    Posted by (twitter: @https://twitter.com/Jamcount)
    Saturday, January 11th, 2014 9:04 am

    Our progress

    I think our game is coming good along… this is the first Ludum Dare I have participated in and I think the result gets better and better. I have submitted it but we are still working on it.

    I have made a level selection system and a few levels, some basic controls and gameplay.

    Hopefully we will be able to make some more levels.

    We are 3 persons working on the game. We are 13 and 12 years old.

    Our Game

    hackerStation post compo version

    Posted by
    Tuesday, December 31st, 2013 4:44 am

    Firstly, i wanted to find an innovative idea with the theme. I didn’t want to make a classic game in which you only get one life or one ammunition.. or something that simple. However, I didn’t achieve to get something better than a poor joke that nobody laugh about ^^

    But i had so much fun developping my game that i decided to make a post compo version. To call your curiosity and show you what i planned to do, take a look to some special effects screenshots ;=)

    light champagne fire snow rain sand

    Play it : http://www.ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-28/?action=preview&uid=19058 and tell me what you think.

    Next step : implement a better difficulty progression. Stay tuned ;)

    ps : Minko API for actionscript 3 is really a pure gem for 3D stuff, i recommand you to try it !

    Finally, that creative outlet!

    Posted by
    Monday, December 16th, 2013 7:17 pm


    30554-shot3    30554-shot2

    I’ve been wanting a programmer as a friend all my life! Finally, I have one, and he’s amazing! I’m so thrilled to have an outlet for my own graphic design skills I’ve worked to develop over the years. Please rate our game. It takes a little time to download, but it’s a solid experience all the way to the end.

    You Only Get One [Planet]

    Click and drag on the planet to rotate around it.

    Click on problems that arise to try and balance the planet out.

    As new problems develop, there are new solutions you must choose from in your tool bar.

    Thanks alot! I can’t wait to play everyone else’s submissions too!

    Firey game update

    Posted by
    Sunday, December 15th, 2013 6:20 am

    Thought of a name: Perfect Match

    The gameplay is coming in now: one match can move, and burn itself (also burning the environment). – I want to make it multiplayer, so one player controls the match and has to burn as much as possible, and another player controls a ship with a hose to put out the fire.


    Images from Hell Byte

    Posted by
    Saturday, December 14th, 2013 4:05 pm

    And here is an Image of my Game where you only have one Charakter, one Tutorial and one finish

    a look from the ground of a level

    a look from the ground of a level


    I’m working with Paint.NET and Unity3D

    Ludumdare 28

    Posted by (twitter: @strong99)
    Wednesday, December 11th, 2013 4:44 am

    This will be my third year of Ludum Dare and I’m going to keep a live blog which can be found here.

    This year I’ll be using InCourse® GameCreator. It’s  a webbased game engine developed by Islandworks and dubbed ‘GameCreator’. It’s made in HTML5 and such, it will be quite different from my previous entries which were made in C++ and the 3d graphics engine Irrlicht. It’s going to be a challenge to make a game using only 2d art :)

    OS of choice: Windows 8

    Game engine of choice: InCourse 2.0 – Gamecreator

    Graphics: Photoshop/Illustrator

    Audio: Audicity & Anvil.


    I’ll post a “How did I do it” on the end as I did the last times.

    Other year’s entries were: World Alone and Be the Villain.

    Worldalone - the lost bedroom The deathray

    Have a great Ludum Dare everyone!

    I’m Done

    Posted by
    Sunday, August 25th, 2013 5:54 pm


    You can see my Entry Here.

    I’m not sure why Kongregate is moving my game down and cutting off the bottom of it.  I’ve been trying to fix it and nothing I do seems to be helping.  Oh well.  You can see most of it.

    Keeping the graphics and gameplay simple allowed me to finally be able to finish a game in time, even though I did not have of Saturday available to work on it.  Originally I wanted to have more enemies, but I didn’t seem to have the time.  I’m fairly satisfied with the results, anyway.

    Changing the direction of the game 180º

    Posted by (twitter: @juaxix)
    Sunday, August 25th, 2013 2:10 am

    I was going to do a game with a vampire in a train, I already had the train, the wagon ,the casket and I was animating the path,… adding particle fx to the chimeny of the locomotive, and just after add the casket to the rear part of the train, inside the wagon, i set the animation to open the doors ,both for casket and wagon, I already have the algorithm to detect when the vampire is hide from the spot-light (sun)

    and suddenly …


    i felt something strange, the wagon door had a blood texture and it does not feel like something I would like to make, I really didnt want to create more blood games, or vampires…no…then I was looking to the ground of the scene,i feel like added an ocean, some rails, set animation and then it appears: this
    that’s a game I definitely want to do.

    Let me give you my inspiration here too:

    Some Simple Graphics

    Posted by
    Friday, August 23rd, 2013 10:14 pm
    Simple Graphics

    Simple Graphics

    In past Ludum Dares I had a tendency to over complicate my projects with wanting graphics and animation that is more detailed than I can realistically achieve in the allotted time.  Therefore, I am going super simple this time.  In this screen shot there is the player, a collectible, and some walls.  There are still some hazards and enemies for me to make, but with this simple style it shouldn’t take long.

    7dRTS – Troops – Too Easy Games

    Posted by
    Wednesday, July 31st, 2013 12:34 pm


    Soooooooo we’re a little late delivering our entry for 7dRTS… unfortunately a number of distractions raised their ugly heads during the second half of development but we soldiered on and are proud to present Troops!

    Troops is a side-on 2D/3D game that mixes strategic unit placement and skill shots with real time multi-player mayhem. It was made in Unity from scratch in just over 8 days by 2 programmers and 2 artists from the lovely city Dundee, Scotland. Music and soundFX were obtained under Creative Commons licences which can be found on GitHub along with the source, linked below. All other assets were produced during the 8 day period.

    Screen 2

    Gameplay Overview

    • Game consists to two teams with 6 Troops each, placed at either side of the map. Shoot your enemy until there is nothing left to shoot.
    • Adjust your Troops’ fire power and aim to perform skillshots at a distance or in close quarters.
    • Weapons have a set reload time and Troops need to stand still to reload, moving them will reset the reload time. You can adjust aim & power without interrupting the Reload.
    • Game ends when one army is wiped out. No base building, its all about the Troops.
    • Multiplayer: Connect to a hosted game via the master server or by IP and become victorious!
    • Practice controlling, aiming and shooting with your troops before joining the fray in offline mode. No AI yet :(


    • Select your troops with left click / drag and move them by right clicking
    • Manually aim troops’ shot trajectory & power with right click and dragging from a selected unit, or ctrl + right click to fire at a position.
    • Scroll the camera with the middle mouse button


    The jam was certainly a challenge for us but we had an absolute blast! Hopefully there’ll be more larger scale Ludum ‘mini’ jams in the future, the games produced have all be phenomenal.

    Game: http://tooeasygames.com/7dRTS/Troops.html

    Source: https://github.com/graehu/7dRTS


    Also, check out an entry made by one of our programmers for #LD26 :D

    Make Friends Don’t Bake Them


    Only 10h

    Posted by (twitter: @juaxix)
    Friday, May 3rd, 2013 5:57 pm

    When the date comes, I dont know how but it left about 10h to complete the games when I hit the Ludum Dare contests xD

    Well, this time I knew that I wanted to make a different game , it resulted into this

    you can play here:

    some explanations…
    The game needs two people, I think it is important to play with other person from time to time, with this videogame I want to help people to get friends more near :)

    I made this game with ShiVa 3D engine, one of the 14 best game engines out there right now…well, time for you to evaluate!

    Essense Post Mortem

    Posted by (twitter: @jorjongames)
    Thursday, May 2nd, 2013 6:56 pm



    Minimalism exposes the essence of a subject, through eliminating all non-essential forms…

    Essense is an atmospheric serene first person “puzzle”. Really cool for a relaxing moment before going to bed.

    In this post-mortem, I’ll try to explain what things of the development process made me mad, what made me sad, and what made me glad.


    I Suck At Making Levels

    Yeah, now I know. Usually I don’t play puzzles, so it was a real challenge making one. I was trying to figure out good puzzles to include in the game, levels that would be fun to play. I guess I didn’t chose well, because…

    Levels Are Really Hard

    I think it’s a problem of communication. I wasn’t able to find an effective way to communicate what the puzzle was about. Sure, you have to grab the red cube, but what’s the mechanic of the level? That and some difficult controls (which I modified now), has led my game to be almost unbeatable.

    Power Outages And Plain Bad Luck

    I guess the world didn’t want me to participate in Ludum Dare. I have gathered a list of things that happened to me this weekend:

    • 3 power outages of about 2/3 hours each.
    • Computer broke the first 3 hours. I had to waste 2 hours fixing it.
    • Laptop has temperature issues and I couldn’t use it to develop at all.
    • Internet went down for about 3 hours.
    • One of the outages corrupted my Unity project so I had to start again.


    Lot Of Time Testing

    If you watch my timelapse, you will find that I was spending lot of time testing my game. That surely was one of the reasons why my game is difficult: the more I tested my game, the easier it was for me, so the more I increased the difficulty.

    But why I tested it so much? Well because the atmosphere was really cool so I played lot of time to hear the music, read the messages, etc. That’s because I was…

    Not Organized At All

    So I had to make lots of things, but I couldn’t make a list like my previous Ludum Dare. I don’t know why, I just didn’t think it was necessary. So I wasted a lot of time working on the atmosphere first (I had the music very early on), and not much time in the mechanics.


    Unity3D Editor

    So one of the wonderful things about Unity3D is that you can extend your editor to make custom tools. I created tools for the logic puzzle and the jumping puzzle, which allowed me to modify them quickly.


    For creating the blocks in the dodge level, I made a parser that reads a simple script, describing how the level should be created. Then Generate creates all the blocks in the corresponding positions.

    The first letter correspond of where the block will be coming from, North, East or West. The second letter correspond of what position the block will have, Left, Center or Right. If there’s an X at the end, then a Checkpoint is created instead. The special letter S is speed, and O is offset, both followed by a number.


    Visual Handlers

    For the logic puzzle, I needed something to tell me how was the level being connected. I figured I could do it using the Handles class, using a white arrow indicating a floor that turns on another, and a black arrow indicating a floor that turns off another.

    Visual clues helped me know what's happening. Click to enlarge.

    Visual clues helped me know what’s happening. Click to enlarge.

    Unity3D Pro Effects

    So with Unity Pro it is really simple to add fancy post-process effects. I added vignetting and reflection, which lot of people told me it was really cool looking. I was about to add more effects, but that wouldn’t be minimal.

    Easy Way To Make Music

    I used Paul Stretch along with Audacity to remix a version of Four Seasons of Vivaldi. It was an easy and hacky way to have a beautiful dreamy music. I also was worried that it would be against the rules to remix a song, but I asked in #ludumdare and it was ok.


    All posts, images, and comments are owned by their creators.

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