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    About Sophie Houlden (twitter: @S0phieH)

    Hi, I'm Sophie, this is my site, scroll down to check out my ludum dare posts ok :)

    for specific LD posts heres the rundown of LDs I entered:
    LD17 - A Fishing Adventure
    MINI16 - Dinosaurs didn't have keyboards
    LD16 - Redwalk
    MINI14 - Delusional
    LD15 - Cavern0048
    MINI10 - the.domestic
    MINI9 - MegaSuper: Timewarp
    MINI7 - Pinapple22
    LD13 - Pizza Bitch
    LD11 - Dot2doT
    LD10.5 - Ultimate Vengance Power 4: The Lemon Of Justice
    LD10 - Ramuh-Shmoo


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    Archive for the ‘LD #17 – Islands – 2010’ Category

    A Fishing Adventure Timelapse

    Posted by (twitter: @S0phieH)
    Monday, April 26th, 2010 3:17 am


    Game LinkTimelapse Link

    Lucky I decided to submit the game when I did, I fell asleep almost right away after and didnt wake up till a few hours after the deadline had passed :D

    Levels, 4 of them so far

    Posted by (twitter: @S0phieH)
    Sunday, April 25th, 2010 8:09 am

    I started adding some of that gameplay stuff, with crates, buttons and teleporters too :D

    you need a heavy fish if you want to weigh enough to push in a button ;)

    bld5playable is embedded in te full post.


    Good morning islanders

    Posted by (twitter: @S0phieH)
    Sunday, April 25th, 2010 3:21 am

    Added checkpoints, deathifying spikes, character texture, and ALL fish now have different effects,I think I’malmost ready to start putting in that ‘gameplay’ stuff everyone is so keen on.


    edit: oh yeah, see this post in full for the embedded playable build :)


    Gliding and hoverboa-… err hoverfishing

    Posted by (twitter: @S0phieH)
    Saturday, April 24th, 2010 2:12 pm


    You can now use both glider fish (in the air) and Jet fish. playable is embedded if you view this post in full :)


    Got Fish

    Posted by (twitter: @S0phieH)
    Saturday, April 24th, 2010 9:07 am

    concepted some fishies:

    fishConceptsand made them grappling-hook-able:

    bld3oh, and theres palm trees now too :) see this post in full for the embedded game.


    Can shot web…

    Posted by (twitter: @S0phieH)
    Saturday, April 24th, 2010 4:24 am

    …well maybe not web, but definitely grappling hook.

    bld2See this post in full for the embedded game build.


    First Build

    Posted by (twitter: @S0phieH)
    Friday, April 23rd, 2010 11:23 pm

    ok, not my best LD start but I blame that on trying tofigure out additive animations when there was no need and ending up not using them anyway. anyhoo, I think this could be a good one :)


    Click ‘more’ for the embedded build:

    EDIT: woops, that shows my old LD gaame, fixed now ^_^;



    Posted by (twitter: @S0phieH)
    Friday, April 23rd, 2010 8:15 pm
    I feel good about this weekend :D

    I feel good about this weekend :D

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