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Ludum Dare 29 — April 25th-28th Weekend [9 PM EST] — Theme: ??? (Theme Voting!)
  • Ludum Dare 29 Compo (48 Hour+Solo+Scratch+Src) Begins: in 2 days, 0 hours, 12 minutes, 54 seconds
  • Ludum Dare 29 Jam (72 Hour+Teams OK+Relaxed) Begins: in 2 days, 0 hours, 12 minutes, 55 seconds
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    Nanda Kore Award of Comedy Excellence LD28
    Awarded by Rahazan
    on December 18, 2013
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    Jiggawatt's Archive

    Note to self

    Posted by
    Friday, April 18th, 2014 1:32 pm

    23:16 < Jiggawatt> For Ludum Dare I’d actually like an idea guy
    23:16 < Jiggawatt> Who does some of the boring GUI coding and shiz
    23:16 < DesertRock> Yeah, I’d like a teammate who does all of the boring codinga s well
    23:16 < bitslap> those things are usually put in place in the end
    23:17 < Jiggawatt> When I get actual feedback beyond “this is confusing”, I usually instantly see what I could’ve done differently
    23:17 < bitslap> ah yes
    23:17 < Jiggawatt> And that would’ve been useful when I was making the damn thing
    23:17 < Sirikan> I would love a team mate who could do all the art and stuff lol
    23:17 < Beardbotnik> Id love a team mate who could do all the programming and stuff
    23:17 < Jiggawatt> I really have no problem doing code, design, art or audio
    23:17 < samooJAM> ludumdate
    23:18 < Jiggawatt> But there’s some gaps that could be fixed with a fresh pair of eyes
    23:18 < Jiggawatt> samooJAM: woah
    23:18 < Jiggawatt> Idea time
    23:18 < Sirikan> I am hoping this teaches me to do art though :p. Save so much money on other projects I want to eventually work on.
    23:18 < bitslap> haha
    23:18 < bitslap> go nuts
    23:18 < Jiggawatt> Imagine a site that matches people before Ludum Dare
    23:18 < Beardbotnik> that would be cool
    23:18 < Jiggawatt> You enter skills you have and skills you want
    23:18 < bitslap> <3 ludumdate could be big
    23:18 < Jiggawatt> And it’d match people based on that
    23:19 < DesertRock> Sounds like a new kind of game jam
    23:19 < Jiggawatt> It’s not really a new kind of game jam
    23:19 < Sirikan> lol only problem is i bet we all cbf creating it
    23:19 < bitslap> samooJAM: for idea president
    23:19 < Beardbotnik> maybe try to match people who are similar level in a way by matching up their Ludum Dare info
    23:19 < Jiggawatt> We did that in our local GGJ
    23:19 < Beardbotnik> like game ratings and how mayn they have entered
    23:19 < Jiggawatt> But it’d be especially useful in a large online event like LD
    23:19 < samooJAM> i heard ludumdate before, what was it about?
    23:19 < DesertRock> Naw, you get forced on a team based of your skill sets
    23:19 < Beardbotnik> The only problem is dependability at that point
    23:20 < Sirikan> yeah if one of your team members disapears your screwed
    23:20 < Beardbotnik> and ensuring that the artist and programmer have their tools matched up
    23:20 < Beardbotnik> like 3d artist vs 2d artist vs pixel artist
    23:20 < Sirikan> 2d artist can just do voxel art all good :P
    23:21 < Sirikan> kinda like pixels right? :P
    23:21 < Beardbotnik> yeah but some artists might be tired of that type of art
    23:21 < Jiggawatt> Okay so it’s settled
    23:21 < Jiggawatt> LD30: the premiere of Ludum Date
    23:21 < bitslap> cool
    23:21 < bitslap> do make it
    23:21 < Beardbotnik> especiallysince voxel art could easily be done by programmers
    23:21 < Jiggawatt> Who wants to code that thing with me after LD29

    KYUU no tobira ga kaihou saremashita

    Posted by
    Thursday, April 17th, 2014 10:27 am

    kyuu no tobira






    LD29 marks the time for my 9th consecutive LD (henceforth referred to as “KYUU”). So hide your foolgarbage and make way for the boheme genius everyone loves to hate.

    I’ve even got a nine of diamonds up my sleeve. This time I’m gonna be using my own basecode in the form of FlashFunk. It’s got neat helper functions and a scripting system built on top of FlashPunk. It spices up my jamming so much, since I used to end up writing a half-assed version of that stuff whenever starting a new project.


    chevyapproved(approved by Chevy himself so come say that to my face not offline)


    Speaking of funk, I downloaded a bunch of neat instruments for MilkyTracker and am slowly working my way up towards the musical brilliance of that one Sonic 3D jam. Audio’s been one of my strong suits and I’ll try to raise the bar even more, aiming for the top 9. Grafx2 supplies the visual funk that I’ll have to manually add transparency to every time I change one pixel. And as a typeface connoisseur, I’ll put to test some real man’s retro fonts (not the Walmart “”””pixel font””””, in quadruple quotes for maximum satire and intent of non-promotion, that is 04b_03). If I really go overboard, I might even design some actual characters again too.

    In general I’m just hyped for doing a really special and Jiggawatty and fun sort of game to celebrate my KYUUJYUU KYUU NANA NISEMMAN




    oh yeah and I’ll also do a keynote for you folks (the most official keynote)





    s wait just s I knw

    are yu in r nt

    An encounter with the LD28 winner

    Posted by
    Tuesday, January 7th, 2014 6:17 am

    15:00 < Jiggawatt> I liked the old Sheepolution better
    15:01 < bitslap> so much feel
    15:01 < Jiggawatt> Not this fame-dazzled abomination
    15:01 < Sheepolution> What did I say wrong?! T-T
    15:01 < bitslap> very heart
    15:01 < Jiggawatt> Look what’s happened to you man
    15:01 < Jiggawatt> We used to be friends
    15:01 < Sheepolution> Am I unaware of how much this victory is changing me?
    15:01 < Jiggawatt> Now you’re dumping me for some cocaine and ladies
    15:01 < bitslap> i am dumping cocaine on your laides
    15:02 < Jiggawatt> When we were kids, you were like “let’s make games together forever, aniki!”
    15:02 < Jiggawatt> And now there’s no room for Jigga in the limo
    15:02 < [popogames]nopogo> just fell asleep on my keyboard
    15:03 < [popogames]nopogo> woke up at a perfect time i see
    15:03 < Sheepolution> Jigga, listen to me. I want you to promise me something.
    15:03 < Sheepolution> Please.. please do this for me.
    15:03 < Sheepolution> If I ever touch any lady or cocaine again.
    15:03 < Sheepolution> Will you kill me?
    15:03 < Sheepolution> I.. I don’t want to hurt people like you any longer!
    15:03 < Jiggawatt> Now there’s a promise I can keep
    15:03 < Jiggawatt> C’mere bro
    15:03  * Jiggawatt MANHUG
    15:04  * Sheepolution HUG
    15:04  * bitslap shits a brick
    15:04 < Jiggawatt> (slow-motion footage)
    15:04 < Jiggawatt> (cheesy emotional music)
    15:05 < [popogames]nopogo> im waiting for the knife in the back hug move
    15:05 < Jiggawatt> Wait what
    15:05 < Jiggawatt> Where’d he go
    15:05  * Sheepolution sniffs
    15:05 < Jiggawatt> Suddenly I’m hugging a bag of rice
    15:06 < Jiggawatt> GODDAMMIT
    15:06 < Jiggawatt> He’s over there with the ladies again
    15:06 < [popogames]nopogo> classic
    15:06 < Sheepolution> OH SHIT
    15:06 < [popogames]nopogo> clearly sniffing coke
    15:06 < Sheepolution> These are just.. fans! Ludum Dare fans
    15:06 < Sheepolution> OH SHIT
    15:06 < Sheepolution> With bags of sugar!
    15:07  * Jiggawatt MANSTAB
    15:08 < Jiggawatt> Well… looks like there’s room for Jigga in the limo!
    15:08 < Jiggawatt> (laugh track)
    15:08 < Jiggawatt> (credits roll)

    PMP mid-mortem

    Posted by
    Friday, December 20th, 2013 10:35 am

    Re: Public Mischief Performance

    8 comboAchievement unlocked: 8 finished LDs in a row

    I set out to make a silly/funny/chaotic game this time. Ludum Dare is a harsh judge, but the audience’s collective face upon witnessing my masterpiece was:


    Yep, it seems like my game was actually well-received this time. No “this is confusing” comments apart from the ones made as a joke just to provoke me. Some highlights:

    awardcomment1(I’ve been waiting for this comment for like 8 LDs)comment3comment2comment4(this guy streamed it, it was hilarious)

    I wanted to make a game that comes close to “performance art” when played. I love games that make me shout and curse and feel like awesome when I finally succeed. In all aspects, this was designed to be a game that’s played in such a lively way, preferably with an audience. After playtesting with you guys and even IRL friends, it seems like I’ve succeeded: I’ve made people laugh out loud. With me, not at me.

    Said playtests have also given me ideas for post-LD development. I knew from the start I’d have to jam because I was busy with life, and I also knew I’d take the game further after submitting, so you can treat it as a prototype of something yet more awesome. Check out my design notes for a preview.

    The judges are the faces of this game, literally and figuratively. If you simply got a numeric score, it wouldn’t feel as involving. The judge system feels much more like a dialogue between the player and the game, as well as giving the game a lot of personality. Some of the responses appear in highly specific circumstances, some are just plain comments on how well/badly you did. There are a total of 33 responses in the game, including one that appears outside of the judging phase, and one that I forgot to add the sound file for (but it’s pretty esoteric to get and a normal player won’t see it anyway). Gotta catch ‘em all.

    Another part of why it’s fun is that the game mechanics are pretty transparent this time, no lambda functions or anything. I made a gameplay video of how to use bullet time and nitro tactically, if you still can’t get good reviews after watching that I guess you need to


    more pffthahaahayehhaharahar.

    Jiggawatt’s stream of piss

    Posted by
    Thursday, December 19th, 2013 5:41 am


    In which I give honest criticism to your shitty games. I’m trying to go on a rating binge so that might be more tolerable with an audience.

    Let’s see who’s been nice and who’s been naughty, post your games (or other recommendations) in the chat. I’m not one of those guys who play a game for 20 seconds before quitting.

    Jigga’s awesomegame is launched from a cannon

    Posted by
    Monday, December 16th, 2013 8:20 pm


    Extra! Extra! Get your Public Mischief Performance here!


    Disclaimer: It’s a playable and fun game, just not with all the content I wanted to add. I’m definitely making an expanded post-LD version. Meanwhile, play that.

    The proverbial fire under my arse

    Posted by
    Sunday, December 15th, 2013 9:45 am

    Here’s some “gameplay” footage from a boring test room. The gif is laggy in parts due to LICEcap’s weird time stretching, but I hope it illustrates the intentional slowdown at launch (as well as in specific situations) and some other cool effects I put in.

    The player is the green square. As opposed to ragdoll physics games, you don’t want to hurt the player. In fact, the player will explode in splatters of blood in high-speed collisions, which will invite the jury to mock you. You actually control the probe around him, which is used to break shit and shield the player from damage. The probe also has a nitro meter that’ll let you use extra nudges after enough combos.

    There’s a functional pseudo-engine in place, so I can concentrate on content now. Mainly jury behaviour, gameplay depth, easter eggs. I’m imagining a city where you explore different kinds of buildings and breakable objects. I just have to figure out a sensible way to hold all that data using Flashpunk. (Alternatively, it could be generated on the fly from hand-made bits and pieces.) Maybe there could be upgrades to the probe as well to encourage repeated playthroughs.

    I’ll see how I have time, I knew from the start I’d have to jam because of exams and such pressuring me. And of course Ludum Dare had to be on this weekend in particular. No way it could’ve been in one of those weekends when I just derped around. But if I survive until Wednesday, at least I’ll live to see the Christmas holidays.

    Meet the jury

    Posted by
    Saturday, December 14th, 2013 9:32 am

    The people who will verbally and speech-synthetically assault you for your eventual mistakes:

    hed1ettäs tiiät

    just so you know

    the third one isn’t actually part of the jury

    The first one is totally not me, and the second one is totally not that funny guy from Gaki no Tsukai with a mohawk. They give you feedback after the flight is over and probably drop some hints during the gameplay too.

    They don’t quite look exactly like they did in my head, so revisions might happen. Doing character design in LD is unheard of for me, but their job is to add personality and make the game more responsive (plus amusing) with their witticisms and facial expressions.

    Responsiveness is indeed the key, I’m trying to step up the dynamism this time, and make playing this game feel like a form of performance art. Something that’d be fun to play on a big screen with a group of friends shouting and laughing.

    you making some games eh

    Am I cactus yet?

    Posted by
    Saturday, December 14th, 2013 5:35 am

    You’re witnessing the creation of a gotta-go-fast sort of game with lots of mayhem. You launch the player out of a cannon (you only get one) and break things for points (you get quite a lot). There’ll be a jury that comments on your mayhem with glorious speech synthesis and certified Jiggawatt humor.

    The player should have some influence on their trajectory, which is the part that’ll introduce some of my usual esoteric gimmicks. It’s coming together suspiciously well for the first few hours.

    Oh yeah, and I’ll return to streaming in a bit when I have something more to show. I get that it’s boring just to watch me code.

    Make way yo

    Posted by
    Thursday, December 12th, 2013 5:02 am



    just so you know

    the Jiggatrain has no brakes

    unless the gubmint insists

    but the crowd wants physics

    and physics games

    with eccentric humor

    and lots of yelling


    So, the time has come once again to get done in 3 days what would usually take 3 weeks. For those not in the know like I am, I’m talking about something called Ludum Dare.

    Despite making the most confusing games, I never seem to get top scores in Innovation, mostly because the gudgrafix foolgarbage Hacker News businessmen, with coats hanging on their shoulders by the index finger, voting for the “free 2 play” theme, wearing jeans instead of long johns, not thinking alcohol is necessary during development, while instead thinking 20 seconds is enough to judge my games, or to read the manual that I actually bothered to write for once, or to even press the shooting key once, are sniping my scores.

    So I’ve decided to take a different route, to aim for #1 in Humor. My tool will be the now-usual Flashpunk with frivolous abuse of function pointers, but my mindset will be different.

    Which means watching twitch.tv/121jigs will be surprising and exciting like never before (which was last time when I was just testing things out).

    7th time’s the charm

    Posted by
    Wednesday, September 4th, 2013 3:54 pm


    ettäs tiiät


    ettäs tiiät


    ettäs tiiät


    ettäs tiiät

    just so you know

    the GOTY is here

    7thThe General Narrates While the Lieutenant Smugly Observes One of Your Shitty Games in a Trash Can Where They All Belong (1593, animated watercolor)

    When I begun my journey to the center of my mind, all I knew was that I wanted to make a more polished entry than usual, and that it should be fast-paced. Well I got more than I bargained for, it’s hectic and flashy and reveals some core concepts of the universe.

    We all remember the highlights of the development with fond memories. There were ups…

    -repaying old bills


    -being a bread the entire time

    sick of being a bread


    *flashback harp jingle with sine distortion*


    matsumotooo autooo


    nanda koreee

    And sideways…

    ettäs tiiät2just so you know

    i take sleeping pills

    …But I finished again. I’m glad I took the extra day for the jam, the compo version turned out to have some bugs after all and lacked audio and the title/help screens.

    Yeah you heard right, I actually had some in-game help this time. How ’bout we give ol’ Jiggawatt here a nice big round of applause, take a day off from work, maybe drink some coffee liqueur on the porch, mixed with a nice glass of cold milk, while swinging in one of those wooden swinging chairs you see in old folks’ homes, but not too fast because we’d get all dizzy and fly off, plus the coffee liqueur might spill on top of the work and we’d have to go back there, that is my vision for the future of this country and please vote for me in the presidential elections.

    The gameplay is unique and went through several revisions to get to perfection. I had some wilder ideas for functions but they’d not have made much sense. The goal of neutralizing everything came to me through playtesting and dicking around.

    GUD GRAFIX what else do I have to say about them

    My entries have gotten good scores in Audio, and I kept my bar up again. The sound effects are juicy, and I think I went overboard on the music. Once the game was playable, I had this concept of a track that sounds whimsical and slightly cheesy but confidently so. The chorus melody came to me pretty fast, but I had to wait for inspiration for the rest of the track until the last day, probably because you all were stealing it for your nonsense. The result is fitting for the game if just a bit rushed because I ended up working on the music until the last minutes (in linear time). So there’s some unfinished-sounding bits and the occasional stray note. No time for proper mixing or instrument tweaking either… it deserves a proper remix.

    After some practice I can clear the game like 20% of the time, so now I’m thinking of ways to make it harder. My idea of a hyperspace bonus level where you have to capture neutralized bullets never fully materialized, and I don’t think anyone else would’ve even gotten that far anyway.


    Simply put, this is a great game on all fronts. If I were to rate it objectively:

    Overall: 5/5 it’s like I’m really in a lambda spaceship

    Innovation: 5/5 will render conventional video games obsolete

    Fun: 5/5 you’re not missing out on anything by ignoring the other 2212 entries

    Theme: 5/5 actually used it to spice up the game instead of making a shitty 10-second game and then whining about the theme

    Graphics: 5/5 blocks and epilepsy

    Audio: 5/5 makes you one with the game

    Humor: 5/5 laughed all the way to the bank

    Mood: 5/5 quite ecstatic thanks for asking


    As you can see, the worst part of the game is the players. You’re all bumbling idiots with no sense of game design and I feel violated for having to release my masterpieces to a community that treats them like monkeys seeing a mirror for the first time. I mean, some of you couldn’t even pass the title screen, and I don’t think anyone of you actually completed the game. Two people lied that they did but their games were so shitty it’s obvious they were not worthy.

    Clearly the game is too hard, so I’m working on a much harder post-LD version with extra challenges because that’ll show you. Well it could have a tutorial mode too but only if you kneel and plead.

    Now I still have to play and rate your painfully bad attempts at game-making just so I can promote my game. LOOK WHAT YOU’VE MADE ME DO


    kuu achuu

    just so you know

    the flashback never ended

    -Marcus Aurelius

    Fear not, the GOTY has arrived

    Posted by
    Monday, August 26th, 2013 6:32 pm





    Right now, all I have to say is “whoa”. More feelings after some sleep, but meanwhile you can generate your own by jumping through one of those links.

    Now you have no right to say my game is confusing

    Posted by
    Monday, August 26th, 2013 10:29 am




    10 seconds from finishing

    Posted by
    Sunday, August 25th, 2013 5:56 pm


    come closer

    its so close


    submit2matsumotooo autooo

    nandakore2nanda koreee


    Yeah. I thought I’d take that extra jam day to really juice up my game before submitting. I’m really satisfied with how trippy and Jiggawatt-y it’s turned out so far, and that’s exactly why it deserves all the extra content and polish it can get. I’m certainly not going to submit it without proper audio and some tweaks I missed, not to mention in-game help. The game is playable, damn fun and just about feature-complete, the only apparent bug being the wonky player sprite that disregards the laws of trigonometry and atan2.

    Oh and you can disregard the scoring. As well as the rules. I ain’t gotta explain shit (yet). It’s actually beatable though! You simply have to turn everything into silhouettes.





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