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Ludum Dare 30 — August 22nd-25th 2014 — Theme: ??? (VOTE NOW!)
  • Ludum Dare 30 Begins: in 1 day, 20 hours, 38 minutes, 1 second
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    on January 9, 2013

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    First screenie

    Posted by
    Sunday, December 15th, 2013 11:46 am

    So, after 8 hours I have the concept and basic gameplay.

    The idea is that you have 1 button to operate the whole starship (!). But it obviously isn’t a simulator, more like simplified sidescroller.

    I still need graphics, menus, some level design etc. The game will be much simpler than my other ones but I think I can finish it :)

    See you soon!

    Screenshot from 2013-12-15 19:38:19

    Oops, seems like someone’s not luck today!


    I’m in!

    Posted by
    Sunday, December 15th, 2013 3:58 am

    Well, I’m starting extremely late this time but I decided to give it a try.

    It’ll be more like 12h compo for me though.

    (tomorrow I need to get back to making game professionally – that’s right! thanks to LD I got my dream job and it is my first compo I’m entering as a Game Programmer :D )

    I’ll use Game Maker or Love2d environment (as I’m out of time).

    Also, as usual, I’ll bring my favourite set of tools, that is sfxr, Notepad++ (or ST) Guitar Pro and Gimp.

    Please keep your fingers crossed for me :)

    And also good luck to everyone participating!

    Posted by
    Sunday, August 25th, 2013 12:12 pm

    As usual… after a perfect Saturday, Sunday destroyed whole project :( I lost 4 hours because of music (my first experience with trackers, failure…), in the end I decided I’ll end up without one. It’s already 9 PM and I have to make hero’s animations and level changing system :(


    I won’t have time to fix this menu :P

    But, at least, my game earned a name: SF-1 :D (from Special Force – 1, and no, not from the gene)

    2nd day!

    Posted by
    Sunday, August 25th, 2013 7:13 am

    Argh, so many time today spent on doing nothing! It’s more than 3/4 of compo and I’m still short on assets!

    I’m getting to make music now! Have about an hour for that… Maybe start from Mission Impossible tune :)


    That’s mostly how falling into North Korea’s gonna look like!


    Finishing touches to end Day 1

    Posted by
    Saturday, August 24th, 2013 1:56 pm

    14 hours and 700 lines of code after…

    I DID finished core mechanics :) 4 levels are already playable – that’s something I haven’t achieved before. It also means that I have whole Sunday for playing with graphics and music :)

    Oh, and the game is pretty hard :)


    The city is sleeping…
    In North Korea even moon looks like Death Star


    Next screen, woohoo!

    Posted by
    Saturday, August 24th, 2013 6:46 am

    Wow, 7 hours and I have my 2nd level almost scripted. Now to code epilogue and I can already start making graphics! Oh, and I apologize but I won’t deliver timelapse this time. Tool has crashed :(


    Wow, it’s a lot… erm… rectangles!


    First screenie

    Posted by
    Saturday, August 24th, 2013 2:06 am

    2,5 hours of work – time for the first screenie.

    It’s a scene when my commando is falling from the sky – a must-be scene for every spy game :)


    Now that’s what I call “a bullet hell”


    I’m in

    Posted by
    Friday, August 23rd, 2013 10:30 pm

    As I mentioned before, I’m in! Fourth time in a row :) And I hope I’ll keep going!

    My environment is, of course, Love2D and all its libraries on its wiki. For sure, I’ll use my favourite AnAL and lovedebug.lua for development. Also I would like to make myself the right of using libraries written by me during past compos ;) It’s very unlikely though as I’m, as usual, working on a completely different kind of game.

    The game itself is about a one-man special US forces, like Sam Fisher or Snake (hmm, Snake is kind of more complex, just stay with Sam Fisher :) ). The gameplay will be more common, there’ll be a bit of Metal Gear, Splinter Cell, Uberleben, even Bit.trip Runner. The agent is on his mission in N Korea and he is a bit, well, short on time. I won’t spoil more. The game will be short (longer than 10 seconds though ;) ), intense and full of explosions! And, as usual, I’m working on a nice twist! Frogmaster approves!

    Golden Frogs 2013 Awards

    Posted by
    Thursday, August 22nd, 2013 5:50 am

    Hello again,

    I’m in but it doesn’t matter for a while because I have an announcement.

    I would like to introduce a Golden Frog award for the extraordinary theme suggestions. As you know, there are many different kinds of themes: some are good, some are bad, many of them are slaughtered. I would like to present those, which excel in something, which are good but also those which are bad and deserve to die. I think that it is somehow better than presenting my pure pluses/minuses. Also I’m glad that suggestions were made anonymously so I don’t need to fund the gold (I’ll keep them for myself, thank you, sponsors). (more…)


    Posted by
    Monday, April 29th, 2013 10:41 am

    Okay guys, I’ve managed to finish before LD48 deadline. I post it that late because I had some problems with compressing timelapse video.

    That is my third Ludum Dare in a row and, I think, progress is noticeable. Which please me a lot.

    But still, I have a lot to learn – I’ve fallen again in that pifall with shortening my game just before deadline. I had prepared much more things than I was able to implement. Again. But this time I’ve managed to provide a PLAYABLE version. That’s something!

    What is also great is that my code is neat. I really like it: it is easy to understand, clean and flexible. I’m proud of it!

    The other thing is that, besides code, there’s nothing more in the game – because of concept, there is literally no graphics. And no music either as I was afraid to play with it on Ubuntu (I’m still not familliar with this system).

    But, after all, I made a complete, working cRPG with character development, fighting, dialogues, history and its universe, closed in 4×3 pixels. Beat that! :D


    Mini Epic Adventure



    Also (I’m curious if anybody finds it):


    First day showoff

    Posted by
    Sunday, April 28th, 2013 12:58 am

    Okay, as usual, my project is a bit tricky ;)

    This time I am making a REAL FANTASY ROLEPLAY WITHIN 12 PIXELS!

    Yeah, that’s right! In the HD era where only megapixel counts, I want to show that it is fairly possible to put fully functional game in 4x3px display :)

    So far, after 1st day I have 2 types of enemies and levelling system with 4 main attributes. Now I’ll sit down to write some story :)

    Oh, and a manual will probably be useful (at last! :) )


    A thrilling fight with a poison shooting wasp!


    I’m in!

    Posted by
    Friday, April 26th, 2013 5:07 pm

    I’m totally in!

    This time I’m aiming at making the game playable. This means I promised myself not to do any unnecessary assets before I don’t have a fun prototype. I’ve made this mistake twice and I hope I’ve finally learnt something :)

    Anyway, I’ll be experimenting with Ubuntu. I’m pretty sure that I’ll choose:

    Engine: Love2d

    Tools: Sublime Text, gimp, inkscape, blender, sfxr, Audacity, TuxGuitar/any other simple music program

    If the theme fits, I can do something in Unity or Atanua :)

    I also have my fingers crossed for all You, guys! Have fun!


    Posted by
    Wednesday, January 9th, 2013 6:12 am

    Wow~! #21 in “Innovations”! I’m in Top Scores! Totally didn’t expect that! Was dreaming about top 200 in any category, and I have also reach #188 in “Graphics”, wow!

    Thank You guys for playing my game and voting, despite of how uncompleted it was. Now I feel really obliged to finish post-compo version (which is going to be very freaked out :) ). The bad news is that it probably won’t take place until February. I’m really jaded with school stuff right now :(

    See You during LD25, with the aim to deploy a completed game this time! Also congratulation on every single game on this LD! It was fun to play Your games!


    Posted by
    Monday, December 17th, 2012 7:22 am

    It’s this beatiful time when I should list my achievements and mistakes :)

    So… overall I’m proud of my new child. Being evil is more fun that I thought. I got a decent number of ideas and stories.

    What about idea I chose? Hmm, it was a bit awesomer (more awesome?) while in planning phase, thought I personally can get joy from it (I’ve done level 2 – the new, bug free one –  in 3 different ways, can You? :) ). The worst thing is that I ran out of time. Again. I couldn’t focus on important things because of small details. Again. I do make the same mistakes all and all again, despite experience. What a shame! Well, third time’s a charm, let’s hope :)

    But still: I learned Box2d, made a decent sprite and level managers, made my first bitmap font and I have my first love2d game :) I really love it and i will definitely make some more stuff in Lua. So… I’m also pretty proud of things I achieved :)

    Oh, and the post-compo version is coming! For real now! See You ingame! Bon appetit and till the next time!

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