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Ludum Dare 29 — April 25th-28th Weekend [9 PM EST] — Theme: ??? (Slaughter Ends Soon!)
  • Ludum Dare 29 Compo (48 Hour+Solo+Scratch+Src) Begins: in 6 days, 19 hours, 28 minutes, 47 seconds
  • Ludum Dare 29 Jam (72 Hour+Teams OK+Relaxed) Begins: in 6 days, 19 hours, 28 minutes, 48 seconds
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    Software Developer


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    sorceress’ game – part 1

    Posted by (twitter: @_sorceress)
    Saturday, December 14th, 2013 5:50 am

    Hello everyone! Checking in after my first 4 hours of work.

    As usual with Ludum Dare, I start with graphics. So here are some castle walls. :)


    My votes in round one

    Posted by (twitter: @_sorceress)
    Monday, December 9th, 2013 9:33 am

    Some favourites:

    • Three Worlds: Perhaps my favourite in this round. It makes me imagine portals between three separate zones, or the interraction of three civilisations. It makes me think of the three starcraft races, and the three realms of Land, Sea and Air. Also the “three worlds theory” of Capitalist, Communist, and Developing nations. Three is an interesting number for creating complex relationships and non-transitive sets. It could lead to some interesting world building too.
    • Trapped: This has much overlap with the Escape theme from two years ago, which I thought was a good, accessible, versatile theme. Trapped allows for subtle variations, for example if escape is impossible, the player must accept their fate. Some emotion stirring and thought provoking games could come from that!
    • Night and Day: In the day you punch trees and build a shelter. And at night the monsters come out! ARGHHHH! Besides this obvious trope, there are lots of interesting things you could do with the opportunities and terrors that night time brings. eg, Escape from Colditz; Secret Spy Mission; Remembering your route and trying to find your way back in the dark.

    Real World Ludum Dare 28 Gatherings

    Posted by (twitter: @_sorceress)
    Tuesday, November 19th, 2013 6:41 am


    Everything should be IS better with turrets FERRETS

    Posted by (twitter: @_sorceress)
    Wednesday, August 21st, 2013 5:27 am

    My votes in round one

    Posted by (twitter: @_sorceress)
    Sunday, August 18th, 2013 2:07 pm


    Some favourites:

    • 10 seconds: Fast paced games can be quite captivating. Time limits especially can increase tension and mentally stimulate.
    • Alchemy: Interesting recipe systems, transforming gathered materials into new materials.
    • Conquest: Lots of strategy game ideas, which is my favourite genre.
    • Hunted: Welcomes lots of mechanics: stealth, shooting, problem solving.

    Some least favourites:

    • Anxiety: Although psychological themes are very popular in the suggestions, I don’t find them particularly inspiring.
    • Corruption: Sounds awfully vague. It’s more about story than gameplay.
    • Genetic modification: Similar to past theme Evolution, but more restrictive.

    7dRTS is over!

    Posted by (twitter: @_sorceress)
    Friday, July 5th, 2013 3:24 am

    7dRTS results!

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    Name Generator v2

    Posted by (twitter: @_sorceress)
    Sunday, June 30th, 2013 1:53 pm

    Hey ludum darers,

    I thought of a new idea for my name generator program today.

    Now you can type in an expression, and the program will parse it to find words it knows, and then present variations on that expression, by looking in it’s dictionaries.

    Not only does this give greater versatility than the first version of the program, but it is also more intuitive to use.

    For example, here I have entered the expression As Bold as Brass, and the program has automatically identified the word Brass as a Metal, and is able to offer variations on the expression considering different Metals. As you can see, one of the variations is As Real as Steel, which is quite a nice sounding thing.


    > Download Here <

    This months Mini LD is up for grabs!!!

    Posted by (twitter: @_sorceress)
    Sunday, June 9th, 2013 4:00 am

    Good news everyone, we have a winner…



    The stage is now yours :P

    People included in the draw: (1) Patacorow; (2) Arowx; (3) puzzlem00n; (4) Jorjon; (5) johnfn; (6) 7Soul

    To determine the winner, a !dice 6 was rolled in #ludumdare IRC on thursday june 13th, at 6pm GMT, and a 5 was rolled. The following people had entered less than 4 LDs and were not included in the draw: kddekadenz, mohammad, jaydenB, ditto, carrymove.

    Name Generator

    Posted by (twitter: @_sorceress)
    Sunday, June 2nd, 2013 9:36 am

    Hi all.

    I made this utility about a year ago and all but forgot about it until today, when I was browsing one of my memory sticks to clear some space. After rediscovering this project I decided to update it a little, and release it.

    Basically it generates concepts by combining words from different word lists: eg, Colour plus Title might output “Red Queen”.

    This can be useful to come up with names for your games, your game characters, or themes to inspire or stimulate your imagination. The combinations are sometimes funny as well. Here is a sample…


    Play with it, use it, give feedback, or help to expand the program by creating/sharing your own word lists. :)

    > download here <



    Posted by (twitter: @_sorceress)
    Tuesday, April 30th, 2013 8:19 am


    Sorceress’ Game – Sisyphus

    Posted by (twitter: @_sorceress)
    Monday, April 29th, 2013 12:46 pm

    Sorry for no update post yesterday but I was extremely busy! Here some screenshots to make up for it…

    Paradise is not all it seems

    There be Zombies here!

    Light ‘em up. Watch ‘em burn!

    [Play and Rate here]

    Sorceress’ Game – Update 3

    Posted by (twitter: @_sorceress)
    Saturday, April 27th, 2013 2:56 pm

    Just past the 12 hour mark here, and my island is complete. :D

    Player controls and physics have also been added.


    with a totally tropical taste!

    Sorceress’ Game – Update 2

    Posted by (twitter: @_sorceress)
    Saturday, April 27th, 2013 8:31 am

    6 hours in, and I now have terrain, proper game maps, and a camera.

    Creating the map specification, and a loader and renderer for the data took longer than I expected!


    this is not crysis

    Sorceress’ Game – Update 1

    Posted by (twitter: @_sorceress)
    Saturday, April 27th, 2013 4:49 am

    3.5 hours in, and I have opengl setup, and my model loader written.

    Here are some palm trees.


    Crysis eat your heart out!

    I’m still not sure what this is going to be about, but it WILL have trees :P

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