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Ludum Dare 29 — April 25th-28th Weekend [9 PM EST] — Theme: ??? (Theme Voting!)
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  • Ludum Dare 29 Jam (72 Hour+Teams OK+Relaxed) Begins: in 2 days, 12 hours, 33 minutes, 39 seconds
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    Real World Ludum Dare 29 Gatherings [24]

    Posted by (twitter: @mikekasprzak)
    February 17th, 2014 11:38 am

    While Ludum Dare is typically an online event (make a game from the comfort of your home), many real world events happen around Ludum Dare. Here’s the list:

    If you want your event on the list, post a comment letting me know where your event is. Be sure to include a link to further details (either here on the blog, or elsewhere).

    47 Responses to “Real World Ludum Dare 29 Gatherings [24]”

    1. scartheatre says:

      Heyo! We’ll be jamming in person via the Portland Indie Game Squad at pigsquad.com! Since the actual jam date was so recently confirmed, I’m still making sure we can get our location together and such, but I’ll link you the official flyer and other deets when they’re online! At least a month out.

    2. boringprogrammer says:

      I will be jamming from Aarhus Denmark. If anyone in the area is interested in jamming together feel free to write me up!

    3. jcsirron says:

      We will be hosting a Ludum Dare Jam at the Tinkermill in Longmont, Colorado. It may not be at our current location, but you can see where we are hosting it in Longmont on our website Tinkermill.org. If you’re in the area and want to jam with other people, come join us!

    4. The ‘Ludum Dare Gogogo’ is an event that attempts to bring together staff of the Brazilian territory and abroad to join here on the event page and publish their work, share experiences and even help as we can on the Ludum Dare 29 edition!! ONLINE!
      We held a conference at the end passing the vision we had of the issue.
      Page: https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/111912075048803532804/events/c5k1dcudv3o6tupic8mr4ros3r8?authkey=CMeIroDO3N7JywE

    5. RandomizeR says:

      If anyone here from or near Indianapolis is interested, I will probably be there staying with some relatives around LD time. It would be awesome if we could arrange a meet up for the duration of the LD jam.

      I don’t know the place very well since I’ve only stayed there for a couple of months before, so I’m open to suggestions for location and such.

    6. tarraschk says:

      Hello folks!

      We just launched the very first French meetup for the community of Paris.

      Please do not hesitate to be part of the group!


      With love and camembert,


    7. Trikisatan says:

      We’re working on setting up a location in Malmö, Sweden.

      If you’re interested let us know here:


    8. Morgawr says:

      Anybody interested in organizing something in Amsterdam? I would love to join!

    9. laaph says:

      The Museum of Art and Digital Entertainment will be hosting its real-world meetup as per usual. I haven’t made a blog post about it yet. It is in fact on the schedule at the MADE. And, sign up here!

      Hope to see everyone! I plan on building a GTAV clone MMORPG with lasers and a spaceship game as a hidden game underneath and a tech tree that goes from “bang two rocks together” to “rewind space and time back to the big bang” and a simulation of all the universes. Then, probably all the features will be dropped at the last moment and whittled down to all that I had time for, which was a 2048 clone, which I will have to come up creative ways to make it fit in the theme somehow.

    10. Dry Tree says:

      Falmouth Game Makers will be running a real-world gathering for Ludum Dare #29 at 8-Bit Bar in Falmouth, UK. For more info check this link: http://www.falmouthgamemakers.com/?page_id=16 … come and get involved! :)

    11. xdegtyarev says:

      First offline Ludum Dare in Minsk, Belarus @MZOR/Techspace https://www.facebook.com/events/617419681671686/

    12. Jiggawatt says:

      xxx, Finland – my bunk

    13. kraklegrand says:

      There’s gonna be a Ludum Dare Location in Lausanne in the Hackerspace FIXME, mire infos here: https://gamedev.fixme.ch/

    14. Siewart says:

      There is a meetup at the University of Twente in Enschede, Netherlands.

      It is limited to 20 people (because of university safety regulations).



      for signing up and more information!

    15. 01010111 says:

      Hey Mike, sorry, yes – RVA Game Jams :) Also, nice meeting you at Tad’s!

    16. outlawpoet says:

      A meetup has been put on the calendar for CrashSpace in Los Angeles, California. Anybody local, see you there!


    17. lun says:

      Hi, guys. As usual, Omsk Ludum Dare gathering


      Omsk, Russia

    18. helixwhiza says:

      Jamalaide will be running an event in Adelaide, Australia

    19. bebopbraunbaer says:

      Hamburg, Germany @ InnoGames Headquarter

      just drop an email to gamejam@innogames.de (having ludum dare in the title is appreciated) if you want to swing by.

      start is 19:00 local time, the location will be open for 48h+
      you can sleep on the floor if interested (- :


      looking forward to it (- :

    20. Joaogl says:

      Hello guy’s I’m from Lisbon, Portugal. Is there anyone going to LD real around here?

    21. Bensonance says:

      Hey hey!

      We’re hosting a Ludum Dare gathering in Johannesburg, South Africa!

      More details here:

    22. Hello – I am a NYC independent game artist/designer with strong 3D skills looking to JAM!!!!!!!!

      Check out my work here: http://www.gtapperdesign.com

      I’m looking to spend all of my free time with a motivated, reliable, and ambitious programmer with the desire to crank out one game a week until we find our gem. But let’s start here :)

      Let’s meet somewhere in NYC/North Jersey as soon as possible!

      Email/text me if you’re serious!
      two zero one – seven three nine – zero four four five

    23. Simon says:

      The local IDGA Chapter I am apart of is hosting a real world meetup at our local Microsoft campus


    24. pjchardt says:

      Lexington, KY will be hosting a meetup at Super Soul. We will start around 7PM EST. Check out the facebook event page link below for more info.


    25. josefnpat says:

      Having a meetup as well! Please add us to the list!

      Rochester Indies Anonymous – http://rocia.org/ – Rochester, NY (USA)!

    26. crumpet says:

      We’re having a meetup in Coventry, UK. The meetup will be at the University of Warwick, and is hosted by Warwick Game Design.


    27. randomasta says:

      I’m organizing a gathering in my universty (Institut Teknologi Bandung) in Bandung, Indonesia. Link is here : http://gamejam.inkubatorit.com/ . It’s kind of an internal event, but we do welcome anyone who want to join us!

    28. eastes says:

      Brisbane, Australia is hosting an event in New Farm. For details, see http://eastes.com.au/ludumdare/

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