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Ludum Dare 30 — August 22nd-25th 2014 — Theme: Connected Worlds
  • Judging Ends: in 13 days, 5 hours, 58 minutes, 26 seconds
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    What you Like, What you Don’t. Fast Feedback!

    Posted by (twitter: @mikekasprzak)
    August 23rd, 2014 8:50 am | 51 love | 356 Comments »

    Rules and Guide (Re-written for maximum clarity)

    Posted by
    April 25th, 2014 1:20 pm | 119 love | 116 Comments »

    The World Within – Postmortem

    Posted by (twitter: @twitter.com/Oxeren)
    September 2nd, 2014 11:09 am


    When the theme of current Ludum Dare was announced, and I read it in the morning, I was kinda puzzled. Even though I voted for it in the final round, I couldn’t come up with any ideas that felt original and  were possible to realize in such limited time span. Which worlds can be connected? The world of living and the world of the dead? The world of rich and the world of poor? The world of dreams and the real world?  It also turned out, that I didn’t have almost any time to work on Saturday, and hope for finishing a game for the compo was lost. So I was a bit discouraged by lack of time and ideas, and was not even sure if I should participate at all.

    But I’ve missed previous LD and was eagerly awaiting for this one, so I pulled myself together and started making the freaking game. I decided to stop wandering between ideas in fruitless search for the perfect one and settled with the idea of connection between real and imaginary worlds in child’s vivid imagination. Read the rest of this entry »

    Let’s conquer the world together!

    Posted by (twitter: @AlphishCreature)
    September 2nd, 2014 10:27 am

    Have I mentioned Connecting LD30 to the Real World? No? Well then, now I mention it.

    Actually, I did mention it before, but it won’t hurt to mention it again. That’s because I’m running out of entries that would allow me to reveal significant portions of map, while there’s a huge, huge space that’s yet to be discovered. And that’s terrible!

    Just to give some more background: Connecting LD30 to the Real World is an amazing application with apparently somewhat amusing world map and not quite well thought-out game mechanics that, under normal circumstances, don’t allow players to reveal that completely. The thing is, first a Ludum Dare participant picks a position in the map. The area around them (some sort of ellipse, probably because the world is wider than taller on that map) is revealed, and it’ll be also shown to anyone who either has commented on the participant’s entry, or had their entry commented by the participant. Or, to put it from different perspective, the participant has revealed the area:
    a) around themselves
    b) around people who commented on the participant’s game
    c) around people whose game the participant commented on

    Everything is fine and dandy, but the ellipse is rather small, and people tend to pick their positions honestly. It means that there are many, many people that can reveal the same part somewhere in Europe, and no one who could allow revealing some spot in Pacific Ocean (probably because not many people live in the middle of ocean). As a result, that’s what I got after having most of the area revealed (what remains is mainly central Brasil, Russia and whereabouts and parts of Africa and Australia):
    My current state of discovery
    (I decided to alter the screen so that you people wouldn’t have the world map spoiled; also, note that border parts, like Antarctic, are cut)

    As you can see, there are large, large areas yet to be discovered. And that’s what I would like you people to do. To discover, so that we could reveal as much of the amazing map Will Edwards prepared for us as possible. I already moved to Greenland, but I can’t do this alone. I need your help. Let’s conquer the world together!
    (and yes, being a sole participant in a wide, wide area will make you more likely for me to comment on your game. Which might not be the thing you want, come to think of it…)

    I guess the connection to the real world would be somewhat weakened because of that, but it’s Will’s blame for making such an interesting map *and* using the rules encouraging such behaviour. ;)

    Ludum Dare Stats

    Posted by
    September 2nd, 2014 9:46 am

    After you’ve played my game, you can feast your eyes on these stats ↓

    As my game scrapes the LD30 game contest entries, I gather a lot of stats about who comments on whom.  And, I believe, comments are a good proxy for playings and ratings.

    We’re over a week into the 3 week voting time, and already the activity on the site has dropped significantly.

    Here’s the comments over time (PDT):


    The high peaks are at 12 noon each day; it seems people play and rate in their lunch hours!  Even as the number of comments per hour drops steadily, it still has a local maximum at 12 noon each day.

    I know I play, rate and comment during my lunch breaks … but I’m not in the PDT timezone.

    In fact, I have the supposed location of 617 players so far (seen my game?) so I could actually do an ok job of determining the local time they comment, and perhaps its not their lunchtimes?  I may do this…

    I was expecting the comment rate to pick up again at the weekend, but seemingly not.

    There are 2,539 entries, of which 1,044 are jam entries and 1,495 are 48-hour comp.

    There are a staggering 43,495 comments!

    3,536 of those comments are replies by the entry author, commenting on their own entry.

    764 of those comments were posted by 365 Ludum Darers who didn’t enter LD30.

    18 entries have no comments at all, and 1 entry has only the entrant commenting.  Sad!  I’ll put a list at the end so you can go do something about it!

    The top-10 commented-on games (so far) are:

    212 Close Your Eyes – nonetheless (Web, Source)

    195 Sinister – Joe Williamson (Web, Source)

    187 Heart Star – AdventureIslands (Web, Source)

    175 Connecting LD30 to the Real World – Will Edwards (Web, Source)

    161 Chipset-0 – deepnight (Play (flash), Source (Haxe), Timelapse (soon))

    Read the rest of this entry »

    Going live again!

    Posted by (twitter: @TomboFry)
    September 2nd, 2014 9:42 am


    So I’ll be going live again to play your games (from 5:40pm – 7pm-ish GMT+1)!

    EDIT: Not currently live but I will message you on Twitch when the stream goes back up!

    Watch live on twitch:

    Submit your game:

    Don’t forget to play my game too!

    Low Battery 2: Electric Boogaloo Gameplay Video

    Posted by (twitter: @RHY3756547)
    September 2nd, 2014 9:17 am

    Since more than a few people had problems getting past the first or second level in my game, I decided to post a video of the full game played through with no deaths. I did keep one in though, because it was hilarious. ;) Should be useful for people who don’t want to spend forever becoming mega pros to see the whole thing!

    You can check out the post mortem here if you’re interested in how I accidentally made a sequel to my LD27 game, or if you haven’t tried playing the game yet you can have a go here!

    Ludum Dare to Believe! S:2 Episode 4!

    Posted by (twitter: @http://www.twitter.com/ButtonMasherBro)
    September 2nd, 2014 9:09 am

    Hey everyone! We are the Button Masher Bros!

    Let’s continue our countdown to judging with another LUDUM DARE TO BELIEVE! Ludum Dare to Believe! S:2 Ep. 4!

    With so many submissions, there was absolutely no way we could play them all.

    Special thanks to our friends at Reddit, twitter, and youtube who all stepped up to give us suggestions – you guys are the BEST!

    If you like the games you see, be sure to check them out of Ludumdare.com and let the developers know what you think!

    **Today we will be highlighting**:
    Title: Connector
    Category: Jam Entry (72 hr)
    Creator: Team Eagle

    Title: Bus
    Category: Compo Entry (48 hr)
    Creator: Garden Head

    Title: Linker
    Category: Jam Entry (72 hr)
    Creator: Stals
    Finally, we’d love to hear what you think!
    You can comment on the episode linked above, comment in this thread, or tweet us at:

    @ButtonMasherBro – Show

    @MathBlasterRitz - Chris

    or @jwowBMB  - Josh.

    Thanks Everyone and HAPPY LUDUM DARE!

    Favourite entries, which demand a second look after 1 week…

    Posted by
    September 2nd, 2014 8:17 am

    LD30 Most Interesting found in first week
    46 out of 535 Web player supported entries examined and reviewed

    These are games/toys/artifacts for which I’m intending to make a more detailed study, and/or which I really enjoyed playing [mrexcessive]

    If you have limited time to review, I strongly recommend these. Only tested on Chrome/W8.1

    1. Accelerated-Life by Makio
    2. Defense of Geome by aneeslol
    3. > Continue by ratking
    4. Skewer World by tatmos
    5. What Could Possibly Go Wrong? by Andrew Shouldice
    6. Invaduhrs by bigbadwofl
    7. Music Race to the Moon by eddiegtp
    8. The Warehouse Connection by Jesper Oskarsson
    9. Misplaced by akymos
    10. Binary System by rogueNoodle
    11. Connecting LD30 to the Real World
    12. A Light In The Darkness by TobiasW
    13. Fire & Ice by NnelGdaBandit
    14. Notes from a Mad Mage by Razoric
    15. World of Joy by Lancelot Gao
    16. Little Rainbow Story by Nelly
    17. Vibrastones by 5T4MP5
    18. Warrior and the Thief by DrZanuff
    19. Warplink Attack by bvanschooten
    20. Bird Simulator – Worlds Connected by Poo by eastes
    21. A Dance of Fire And Ice by fizzd
    22. Multifaceted by Riley Adams
    23. HexConquest by LeoZ
    24. Worlds Collide by Beanalby
    25. Superdimensional by PixelMind
    26. CyberSwap by _Rilem
    27. Worldly Traveler by MrTedders
    28. Light Year Wars by nicotuason
    29. Stratera by highlyinteractive
    30. And Again! by Dayko
    31. This Little Piggy… by InfectionTeam
    32. A Temple Of Two Worlds by Volute
    33. Mammoth Monkey Mole by ehtd
    34. APOLLO by graebor
    35. ENTANGLEMENT by mtrc
    36. Taxi Copter by Aaron San Filippo
    37. Whiteout by primaerfunktion
    38. Save the Earth by Bemmu
    39. Solar Supply by Josh Riley
    40. Resonance Miner by andreimarks
    41. Chromasis by jwin
    42. Our World by Loren
    43. Moqua by Monofraps
    44. Advesperation by dook
    45. LemonLob by Figglewatts
    46. Fluid Perspectives by Jezzamon

    Postmortem – Universal feeling

    Posted by
    September 2nd, 2014 5:39 am

    Our game, this time, was started in a different way. I would like to make a action game, with explosions, funny controls and a charismatic character. I like this kind of game, and I like make this kind of game. When the theme was shown, the brainstorm started and my idea for the game was a guy who connect islands. Get resources, put on the right way and done! Of course, some island would have enemies or NPCs. So, the coder decide to participate with me, and he want to make a game about aliens who abduct cows or others things. So we stop. We had two good games! banner And then, like others jams, we decide start again. Always we have a idea we think “maybe some other dev will make the same, so let to do a different game. New. Something we never made”. I like play music. I didn’t play very well but computers can make magic! And we start the LudumDare30 with a experimental game for us. A music game. We use the metaphor about our connections with the universe, the noise of informations that go away to the void. (A good movie start with this purpose). Cena-1 Universal Feelings was, for me, who rate a lot of these LD30 games, something unique (for now). And it’s a great thing! We get what we want! A different game! Of course, he isn’t a perfect. The music didn’t sync, we try to made a easy game and it still difficult for someone… It’s a simple gender to make but difficult to be well made. To do some game with sync, and complete music would use more the 72h just for that, but it’s ok. The game have 21 achievements, a progressive difficult, a lot of sounds, and the planets Spin! (no… they don’t, but the light work very well) That is our game, for this LD30. Universal Feelings. Enjoy! IMG_23082014_040922Exemplo de jogo













    Coolness ??

    Posted by
    September 2nd, 2014 4:53 am

    Hi there,

    Not sure whether to say something or not.  But I am somewhat frustrated…
    I’ve been assiduously rating Web browser playable games since competition ended.  Probably looking at about 80 per day, based on playing for between 30 seconds (if game doesn’t work, or is very incomplete – in which case not rating but leaving a comment ‘not yet rated’ and explaining why), or playing for up to 20-30 minutes when completely engrossed, which doesn’t happen often. Then I’ve been trying to leave a thoughtful comment based on my experience.

    I freely admit I’m bad at twitchy and ‘hard’ games, but try to leave an honest comment.  My own game is probably a reasonable mid to average (48h) quality of game, based on my very personally biased view of course… however hard I try to be objective!


    I’ve been swapping 1st place on the coolness ladder with Mallot1 for a few days… Not trying to outdo, but just overtaking sometimes, then he/she overtakes me back.


    Last night Mallot1 rated 500 games!!!
    Approximately the same as we had each managed to rate in 8 days (since the main competition closed last week).  I don’t think I could even look and read the webpages for 500 games in the 10-12 hours elapsed when Mallot1 went from 495 (approx) to 1030.

    Is this reasonable ?


    I’ve been a bit stressed since… Have I been trying to hard to rate games ? Is it best to just carry on with development and stop looking at my peer group at work ?


    I’ve been back and forth about whether to say something.  It really isn’t that important to me to be first on coolness, I was mainly just enjoying making a list of things I need to get better at programming and design-wise, while playing and rating lots and lots of games.  I wasn’t even expecting to feature on the cool list, but as I’m currently out of work it seems that my free time has enabled this to happen.


    Should I have said something or not ??  Am I taking it too seriously… and other self-doubt.  Hmmm….
    Would appreciate your thoughts.


    < /rant>

    Without knowing..

    Posted by (twitter: @commodore_Kid)
    September 2nd, 2014 3:03 am

    Hello all,
    I developed a game in June named Bar The Gates, in 4 days, just to practice and to have fun. It is a 4-player defense game where groups of 2 players fight against each other. You can choose between elf and dwarf classes and butcher enemies spawning in while you also send some enemies to the opponent’s side.

    Now I notice it quite fits the theme of LD30, if you have time, you can try it. Hope you enjoy :)

    Note: Controls are written on the screen. To spawn, step on the colored tiles and shoot. You can only spawn if you have enough points.



    Troll Away: multi + AR game postmortem

    Posted by
    September 2nd, 2014 2:00 am

    Comments under our entry encouraged me to share a bit how the game was made. It all started when I have been thinking about idea for game themed connected world. I was considering platformer with switchable environment but in the late evening of first day I came up with craziest idea I ever had at jams. Let’s connect real world with virtual.

    troll away gameplay

    Read the rest of this entry »

    All LD30 Games in this Mosaic!

    Posted by
    September 1st, 2014 11:30 pm

    AFTER you’ve played and commented on my game, you can feast your eyes on this mosaic ↓

    ↑ Your game is in that parrot! You just have to find it… happy hunting :D

    I picked a parrot picture because in my game there are still some wild animals to be found on the map in some of the jungles… happy hunting there too :)

    You may also like my interactive map of Ludum Dare participants

    Ludum Darers in Real World

    Its really really fun to watch your pins appear on the map when you play my game, and light up and reveal the ahem annotated map as you comment on other LD30 games!

    Please do comment on my game too so you light up my map when I play my game! That’d be the nicest compliment of all.

    This isn’t the first mosaic I’ve made for this Ludum Dare 30; you may also enjoy hunting for your entry in this map:

    LD30 Post Mortem: Voyage of the Magpie

    Posted by (twitter: @robotinker)
    September 1st, 2014 8:16 pm


    A week ago I was just finishing up the most ambitious game jam project I’ve done to date. Compared to projects I’ve worked on in the past, Voyage of the Magpie is less immediately rewarding – there’s no jumping, no shooting, and no skill points to spend. There are, on the other hand, coins to pick up, mazes to run, tickets to manage, and click-heavy mini-games. The goal of the project was to create a set of three smaller games that were somehow connected to meet the theme requirement for “connected worlds.” As a secondary (but more obvious) nod to the theme, the game involves navigating a network of interconnected locations all over the world to find lost treasure.

    Read the rest of this entry »

    Can anyone please help me

    Posted by
    September 1st, 2014 7:58 pm

    I made an HTML5 version but when I try to put it online the screen never loads any thoughts its just a black screen that says created with gamemaker sometimes I get a Browser doesnt support canvas error.  here is my link maybe im just stupid please let me know if it works.  Also any better way than dropbox to load a game??


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