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Ludum Dare 29 — April 25th-28th Weekend [9 PM EST] — Theme: ??? (Slaughter Ends Soon!)
  • Ludum Dare 29 Compo Begins: in 8 days, 6 hours, 34 minutes, 21 seconds
  • Ludum Dare 29 Jam Begins: in 8 days, 6 hours, 34 minutes, 22 seconds
  • [ MiniLD 50 | Warmup Weekend April 19th-20th | Real World Gatherings | Ludum Deals | Wallpaper ]

    Warmup Weekend – Ludum Dare 29

    Posted by (twitter: @mikekasprzak)
    April 16th, 2014 11:39 am

    Are you psyched for Ludum Dare 29? Yeah! Are you ready for Ludum Dare 29? No!?? Then between now and Ludum Dare 29′s start time, you’re encouraged to test your tools. We call it Warmup Weekend (but we don’t mind if you’re early or late). Make some art, import it, and draw it on screen. Make some sounds, import them, and play them on cue. If you’re using a new development tool, figure out the development cycle. Learn how to make a release too!

    Bullet point summary:

    • No rules or limits. This is practice.
    • Learn your development tools! Write some code, run it.
    • Make some art, get it on screen, make it move.
    • Print some text to the screen. Print some text to a log (if applicable).
    • Make some sound, get it in game, make it play.
    • If you’re motivated enough, make your experiments in to a game!
    • Make something that should take “hours”, not 2 days.
    • Then package it up, put it online.
    • No time or day limit. But if you have no other plans this weekend, why not?

    If you like what you’ve done, feel free to share it.

    [ Submit Here | View all Warmup Games ]

    Ludum Dare 29 Theme Slaughter!!

    Posted by (twitter: @mikekasprzak)
    April 10th, 2014 1:16 pm


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    Ludum Deals for LD29 [5]

    Posted by (twitter: @mikekasprzak)
    April 9th, 2014 11:30 am | 8 love | 6 Comments »

    Real World Ludum Dare 29 Gatherings [19]

    Posted by (twitter: @mikekasprzak)
    February 17th, 2014 11:38 am | 19 love | 32 Comments »

    KYUU no tobira ga kaihou saremashita

    Posted by
    April 17th, 2014 10:27 am

    kyuu no tobira






    LD29 marks the time for my 9th consecutive LD (henceforth referred to as “KYUU”). So hide your foolgarbage and make way for the boheme genius everyone loves to hate.

    I’ve even got a nine of diamonds up my sleeve. This time I’m gonna be using my own basecode in the form of FlashFunk. It’s got neat helper functions and a scripting system built on top of FlashPunk. It spices up my jamming so much, since I used to end up writing a half-assed version of that stuff whenever starting a new project.


    chevyapproved(approved by Chevy himself so come say that to my face not online)


    Speaking of funk, I downloaded a bunch of neat instruments for MilkyTracker and am slowly working my way up towards the musical brilliance of that one Sonic 3D jam. Audio’s been one of my strong suits and I’ll try to raise the bar even more, aiming for the top 10. Grafx2 supplies the visual funk that I’ll have to manually add transparency to every time I change one pixel. And as a typeface connoisseur, I’ll put to test some real man’s retro fonts (not the Walmart “”"”pixel font”"”", in quadruple quotes for maximum satire and intent of non-promotion, that is 04b_03). If I really go overboard, I might even design some actual characters again too.

    In general I’m just hyped for doing a really special and Jiggawatty and fun sort of game to celebrate my KYUUJYUU KYUU NANA NISEMMAN




    oh yeah and I’ll also do a keynote for you folks (the most official keynote)





    s wait just s I knw

    are yu in r nt

    I’m in, and some advice from a failure veteran

    Posted by
    April 17th, 2014 10:15 am

    I’ve been with the LD community for almost 10 years now, entered about 15 times and finished 2 games (and made one joke entry). My track record is further away from “good” than ISS is right now from me

    There is a silver lining though: I have a lot of experience with failure and the last two times I’ve entered I managed to finish games I was happy with.

    This is all to say that no matter if it’s your first time and you’re nervous about failure, or your 15th time and haven’t managed to finish a game yet, we’re all in this for fun and learning, and not finishing anything doesn’t mean you didn’t learn anything, and it doesn’t have to mean it wasn’t fun.

    Here are a couple of things I’ve learned from my failures over the years and from actually finishing the games:

    1. Eat healthy: Junk food and energy drinks might sound like the programmer’s food but in reality the healthier you eat on those days (as well as the preceding ones) the better you feel during the compo/jam, and feeling good is extremely important during such a strenuous activity.
    2. Sleep enough: Also might seem contradictory to sleep a lot, but do not sacrifice sleep on the first two days as it counts to how you’ll feel during the compo. On the last day you can cut back on your sleep.
    3. Clean yourself: Also very important and adds to the good feeling. I know that you’re probably not gonna meet other people during this period, but your body feels healthier when you’re clean and that is important during LudumDare.
    4. Think small…. smaller…. smaller!.. Still too large! You have to think so small that quantum tunneling becomes a serious issue when developing your game! (oh wait, I’m thinking of electronics, but it still counts!) You’d be surprised how small you have to make your game to actually be able to make it, and if you’re making it in your own engine or an engine that you don’t use almost every single day then you have to think smaller yet!
    5. Do not expect a theme: in fact, expect that the theme you will least like is gonna be chosen. This might sound pessimistic but after so many failures I’ve realized that imagining a game for a specific theme I liked would later on put me in a worse mood when a theme I didn’t fancy as much was announced.
    6. Free your mind: Before the compo start: clean up your desk, your room, your house, do the laundry, wash the dishes, say goodbye to relatives and friends. Having a mind free of the daily responsibilities is very important, and having a clean workplace helps a lot.
    7. Don’t spend too much time in social activities. I know it’s tempting and jumping onto the ludumdare IRC channel can give you an inspiration boost, but it’s very easy to lose a lot of time there, It also breaks your concentration and trains of thought.
    8. When stuck, leave your pc and go for a walk: I have a personal theory: our brains have the consciousness and subconsciousness, and while it seems that it’s the consciousness is the one doing all the hard lifting, in reality it’s your subconscious that’s the real problem solver, and after it finishes processing it simply gives your conscious a solution in easily digestible chunks of info. When you’re stuck and start thinking of other stuff you stop feeding it new questions and so it has time to process your current problems. This is what, I think, the reason behind the common “after I left and came back all the solutions simply fall into place”.
    9. Prepare your tools: You can use this weekend for preparation and making a small game. Being able to make a game mechanic and putting in some placeholder art is completely different from making an entire game. There’s a lot of things that you usually think take very little time but end up taking up almost entire day.  Practice making animations, make a game without any gameplay  but walking around. Even this simple concept grows greatly when you start adding the main menu, the credits, the internal level logic for starting and finishing the “game”, playing sounds on cue, playing the right music and fixing those small bugs in your game engine which might end up costing you many hours during ludum dare. <<<Prepare everything before>>>; This weekend, go, now, go!
    10. Before you go: Remember why you joined this compo, it will help you keeping your eyes on the target. Now, have fun and I hope you learn lots!

    All that said: i’m in!

    My weapons of choice:

    • Photoshop and Graphicsgale for art and animations
    • My mouth, cutlery, bfxr and Audacity for sound.
    • If I got time: Modplug tracker for music
    • My own C++ game engine/libs to make the game (as well as some third party ones).

    Hope to see you guys finish and have tons of fun ;)

    They knew what they were doing when they suggested it

    Posted by
    April 17th, 2014 9:01 am




    I am curious

    Posted by
    April 17th, 2014 8:12 am

    Will Notch participate in this Ludum Dare? Does anybody know? I am just curious about that.

    0RBITALIS: From LD48 to Steam in 100 days

    Posted by (twitter: @AlanZucconi)
    April 17th, 2014 7:57 am

    Last December I took part in the 28th Ludum Dare. I tried to get the most out of its theme (the incredibly vague “You Only Get One“) and the result was 0RBITALIS. A minimalistic gravity simulator with a puzzle flavour. The game was both the most voted and commented entry in the contest and in the end… … …it didn’t win! I do not deny that I have been quite disappointed, initially. But after reading all the positive comments from the Ludum Dare community, I decided to keep working on the game. One hundred days after, 0RBITALIS has been released on Steam. How did I do that? Weeell…

    comp_01 comp_02


    • 15th-16th: 0RBITALIS is born!
    • 16th: available on Newgrounds


    • 7th: available on itch.io
    • 13rd: available on IndieGameStand
    • 27th: first contact with Mastertronic
    • 30th: nominated for the Newgrounds Award 2013


    • 12th: showcased at BAFTA Inside Games Arcade
    • 17th-21st: showcased at GDC 2014 in the ALT.CTRL.GDC section
    • 28th-30th: showcased at EGX Rezzed in the Leaft Field Collection
    • 27th March: Doseone joins the project


    I want to see this not as an happy ending, but rather as an happy beginning for 0RBITALIS. I am looking forward to see how feedback from its community will shape it for the final release. And if there is a message behind my story, is surely not to give up. There are thousands of people out there who love your game: they just don’t know it yet… :-)

    lotus2 s_05_big

    Back for more!

    Posted by
    April 17th, 2014 6:56 am

    Hello everyone,

    Can’t wait for next week, I’m actually excited!

    This will be my second Ludum entry, last year I made an extremely simple game and was very happy with my ability to actually get something finished. However this year I hope to step it up a notch and submit something a little more fleshed out.

    Unfortunately I won’t be able to attend the warm up during the weekend, but I’ll spend the week toying with (and working on) the graphics engine I’ve been making over the last month or so in preparation. A little warm up of my own if you will.

    I plan to broadcast the whole thing via my twitch account (twitch.tv/noomnahor). I’ll also be doing live broadcasts during the compo itself, and intend to make a time lapse to post onto my youtube channel.

    Really looking forward to seeing what people can come up with this year, I think my favourite part of Ludum Dare is playing all the amazing games that come out of it.

    Hope you all have a great Easter weekend, see you next week!

    I’m In

    Posted by (twitter: @michaeldpadilla)
    April 17th, 2014 6:56 am

    I’ll be in for my second LD.  I’ll be using Unity for the first time and my usual set of tools.

    • Engine: Unity
    • Editor: Sublime Text 3
    • Graphics: Photoshop, Illustrator, TexturePacker
    • Audio: Music Creator 6 Touch, Audition, Bfxr

    Always wanted to give Unity a try during a game jam so I’ll be doing just that.

    I’m in for my second time

    Posted by
    April 17th, 2014 6:34 am

    Looks like I’ll be doing Ludum Dare again. Tools:

    Language: Haxe

    Framework: HaxeFlixel

    Images: GIMP

    Sound: BFXR

    Music: Who knows?

    Algorithm for theme slaughter

    Posted by
    April 17th, 2014 6:30 am

    I was wondering…

    The mechanics of the theme slaughter works by clicking links..

    How does the algorithm prevent scripts that would repeatedly vote UP for specific themes in loop?

    Does anyone know if there are any abuse prevention mechanisms in the algorithm?

    Just curious…

    Fourth time in a row for me

    Posted by (twitter: @lightsoda)
    April 17th, 2014 6:23 am

    Of course I’m in. I’ll take part in the compo.

    Depending on the theme I’ll probably use unity or flashpunk.

    Other tools for me will most likely be FL studio, Photoshop and sfxr.

    Best of luck to everyone! Remember to have fun ;)

    My first entry

    Posted by (twitter: @JangoBrick)
    April 17th, 2014 6:21 am


    This will be the first time I participate in the Ludum Dare compo (and in Ludum Dare in general). I will be creating a 2D game in Java, using my own engine “JangoDare” which can be found on GitHub.
    It is still in development, although it is already possible to create simple games with it. The engine currently supports tiled levels, but will also support a few other level types soon (and of course you can also add own level types without modifying the library’s code, that’s no problem). It has full support for entities, and physics as well as particles (and maybe shaders/shadows) are also planned.
    If you’re interested, make sure to follow the development because I will be implementing these (+ possibly more) features over time, hopefully I can finish it all until the weekend we’re all awaiting is reached.

    Have fun and good luck,

    Posted by
    April 17th, 2014 6:16 am

    How I feel every LD

    Your theme submissions are bad / and you should feel bad

    My first Ludum Dare entry – and my first post

    Posted by
    April 17th, 2014 5:10 am

    I will be creating a 3D game. Most certainly with a first person perspective view.

    The game engine I will be using is my own. It is called JOGE (Java Open Game Engine), and can be located at Github. Although, the source code for this game engine is not available for download as I write this, it will be in short.

    In addition to that, I will probably use either Gimp or Photoshop for textures and other art assets. Sound will probably be generated using the sound manager that is part of the game engine.

    To develop, I will be using the programming language Java and the IDE Eclipse.

    I’m in Eighth Time

    Posted by (twitter: @feyleafgames)
    April 17th, 2014 4:25 am

    Hello! I’ll be grinding out another game in this coming compo.

    As usual, using the 48-hour rules. This time, I’ll be switching up tools, to something I am only barely familiar with: Stencyl! Artwork will be made using GIMP, sounds will be made if bfxr, music in Pixel’s PXTone. I will be listening to Chillstep, drinking smoothies, maybe streaming(?), and loving every bit of this Ludum Dare!

    I wanna make this a memorable LD weekend, so I made it a 4-day weekend from my full-time job. It also starts on the day that I age one year on paper. Super excited and as always I can’t wait to see what all of you come up with, wishing you ALL the best in creative flow and motivation!

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